November 6, 2009

We invite you to come and see our artwork exhibited within Tula Art Center Atrium

Gallery of Truth

Your beauty amazes me and your love lifts me up,
Stronger and strengthened are my body and mind.
In you I have confidence to accomplish your will,
Knowing the battlefield was drawn in the sand
Of time unwavering... completing your plan.
We are the hues of your color wheel,
Combinations of brilliance, stroked by your hand,
Intense or calming with precision and skill,
The master of the imagined, no hesitation do I feel.
Each second, each thought, I see the wonder of your mind,
Flowing like the pigment from bristles so fine.
The complexity of formation, the soft, gentle strokes,
Beauty unfolding: amazingly so.
To be part of a creation, so loved and understood,
Knowing the artist has a vision to complete,
A change with excitement, each day to unfold,
Knowing the adventure is his story untold.
I believe in his vision, I trust in his plan,
With fervor I push forward, knowing in time I will understand.
When hard times feel heavy, I cling to his hand,
Drink in his wisdom... listen to his plan.
He speaks of such beauty and a love that is so pure,
Like the honesty in a portrait filled with trouble overcome.
The beauty of the journey written on the face,
The embrace of the family who saw it all through,
The hands on the shoulders saying we understand,
Life is not perfect but it is the perfect plan.
I drink in the memories and shed no more tears,
With a true sense of calm and deep need to hear
The burden of others to show them my hope
And to teach of his vision and guide with his love,
Our portraits are evolving; the gallery in place,
Our plaque, engraved, there reserving our space.
The artist still perfecting the final masterpiece,
We will all walk the gallery in awe of his skill.
Praising his patience to develop what is true,
The journey of fulfillment, no moment cut short,
Those smiles: beams of victory, their peace is for good.
Their touches express their confidence that these ties will bind
All of them together throughout their eternal joy ride.
By Candace Huffmaster