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As a mere fragment we cannot see our splendor, but when all our shattered pieces come together ...ahhh, what a magnificent vision the eyes behold".
Within the caterpillar is the butterfly waiting to be released.  Within you is something more magnificent that our eyes are yet to see! 

Do not wait if you need someone to speak with, email us  However, this is not an emergency crisis line. You need 911 if you are in danger! You need a trained emergency responders to deal with violence in the moment.  We want to help support you before that transpires and supporting the rest of the way.
 There is a Story Being Told click to find a location
  • To receive the journey information to your personal e-mail click here: 

  •  DV groups are non disclosed location, call for verification  

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 Training for students, staff, volunteers or individuals desiring to caring for those in crisis.

  • Trade Profession training location Atlanta School of Massage
  • Churches and organizations call for location, dates and details
  •  We are involved with Retreats across the US, to find one specific to your need,or to serve please contact us.

Consulting and Training for Crisis

In addition to advising in the business of beauty and services, we consult non profit and for profit alike, helping them understand what their part can look like supporting philanthropic ventures. We understand that outlining a process is only the beginning. We have structured our own business around continued education and pouring into the lives of others - so we will do no less for you.

Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc is a 501c3 corp in the state of Georgia, if you are a student in need of internship supervision we will be happy to utilize you in our counseling groups and facilitated programs.  If you need community service programs for students contact us for details on where to plug in.