October 17, 2014

IT Stops Here! No More!

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And I said to the sea, "Here you may come, but no farther and HERE is where your grand waves will crash to the shore." Job 38:11

Today I have been thinking about how exhausted God must be with us.  He has been speaking about it for so many thousands of years.  We take Him for granted.....how dare we condemn others for taking us for granted.  From now on, when I desire to throw up a wall and say "enough!! you can come to here but no farther", I am going to first consider how I might have offended the Holy One, my God.  After I have laid down my pride or any "integrity" that I may uphold, I will humbly walk before the Lord and request that my offender be securely kept under the mighty hand of God.  It is for their safety I ask; not for their condemnation.  My heart and soul attest to the difference, as all of us are able and do....I pray.

This is what poured out as I was journaling today.  May it speak volumes to each of us:

It is ENOUGH! IT IS TIME! .....it is time you stopped putting your wants before my ways - my child will seek to obey Me; to seek out and serve others needs.

If the priority of YOUR agenda is to schedule your own priorities:serving your self, allotting a moment to serve me in between.  I am no more than a servant of YOUR ego  - a healthy serving of your own pride to plump your riddled flesh.

STOP! Stop claiming I am your God and you serve ME. For all you do sings the praise of your goodness before man.  I will be second to no one; not even one who is as marvelous as you.  What you do is a stain on my image; a shadow on the brilliance of My name.

I love you....this is why I send correction; it is not to send shame but shelter you with truth.  For I know you would never choose to over take me; to challenge my throne or leave my grace.  I speak with the direct Love of a Father, to ensure you are certain to comprehend.  For your will has the freedom to usurp my Spirit and my Spirit has grieved long enough.

Now you know......you've been told and you can't deny it.  Here I am speaking directly to your rebel soul. I Am.....the strong man have no doubt about that.  So humble your frail form before your time ends.  I have been patient....do not push me and I have put a number on all rebels heads.

~~~ as for me, I demand that my soul give way to His spirit; I implore all His goodness to shod my feet step by step.  I pray that my ears listen for my Shepard and that my God fold me securely under His mighty wing.


© Candace Huffmaster 2014, All Copy Rights Reserved
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