November 2, 2012

Segment 2: The Wind and a Stone

As we read The Wind and a Stone, we found more than a good read with fascinatingly read characters.  We found our own characters and recognized some of our very real fears.  Today we are going to read another snippet from Erwin McManus’ book Stand Against the Wind while we again merge with the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures.  When we speak of the ebb and flow of God’s word this is what we mean.  We must dive deeply into these holy waters, reaching through to the other side.  We must join our hands with the others and now merge in with our very own life.

It always amazes me when God shares something so many years prior, which we store away, nourish and wait with excitement for Him to bring to a full harvest.  Before I ever began women’s group studies, He told me we would be doing this.  I thought it was just a poem:


Walk across the scripture

Reach his hand on the other side

Journey with him and the others

Merge in now with your life

Repair your broken mirror

To reflect his perfect peace

Bring transparency and your color

Into the picture of eternity


God created a space, we’ve discussed, where He could enter with power.  He could be born as man, our Christ and suffer just one time for all suffering.  What He did was secure Zoe life for us, but we must recognize how we “Give up the Ghost” as the old saying goes.  But it is true:

When we sin we shatter our oneness with God, which is Shalom.  While we are sitting amidst our broken pieces too exhausted to move is actually the perfect time to pick up the one thing in our life that cannot be shattered… God’s word.  Don’t worry about the shattered pieces around you, just sit with Him and read. Let Him take you on a journey, His journey, Your journey, Our journey… it’s all the same.

Like I always say…..we’re nothing but a bunch of characters anyway.  So, lighten up, God’s got your storyline covered – literally! You are bound between the pages of His cover front to back your story has been entwined within His.

For the next few months we will be on a sojourn in search of our characters lines; because There IS a Story Being Told.  Won’t you join us?

Happy Trails to YOU……

Read Psalms 31; Luke 24; Matthew 28

We will be starting a new study of Peter in group by Stephen J Binz

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