November 4, 2012

Order of Chaos

Given Your Perfect Form
Order of Chaos


Daddy, you are not random; you’re at the helm of ALL things.

What we see as chaos, only your eye truly perceives.

Fit all the pieces together; give them your perfect form.

Only you can make order of chaos; only your wisdom can claim to be wise.


Show me “The Way” everlasting; lead me upon the sure way not sand.

Claim in my stead, your words victorious; now teach me of the things I don’t understand.

The ways of the wise are inscribed and protected; hedged inside the power of who’s I am.

Known that in nothing I’m overtaken; I believe so that fear can’t creep in.

His ways are higher than the mountain; my thoughts soar to beyond what is seen.

My peace runs deeper, never ending; the moment I trust in whom I believe.

Be one with my mind, dear Lord Jesus; show me the things of today.

Speak in my stead, you’re their Savior; speak truth, usher light, BE their King!





Today, I want us to reflect on “God’s Choice or Selection”.  Review The Wind and a Stone page 6. 



©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copy Rights Reserved

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