January 15, 2012

Don’t Forget to Take Caution When Stepping Passionately

Together, we have stopped to go Deeply into our lives. We have looked Honestly through the pieces which amassed our moments traveled. And now, we are going to Passionately search the truest view points and directives for emerging into a beautiful new life beyond chaotic mind sets which hinder our freedom.
Think about these things:
clip_image001 When we only look deeply at life, we become consumed with the depths and weight of life. Life can become heavy and constricted without balance.
clip_image001[1] When our eyes roam constantly for honesty, our view point can become critical toward our self and others. We must look deeply at our motives before we hold another up to our understanding.
clip_image001[2] When we are presumptuous and immature we may passionately do many things, however our immaturity or lack of understanding can get in the way of God’s best for our self and others in need.
clip_image001[3] When we speak the truth, if we are not grounded in God’s love, leaning on His understanding they will not know the essence of life which His liberty brings.
I am passionately looking forward to all we will be studying for the next few months.
With Love,
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