October 21, 2011

Strength of a Mighty Warrior Doesn’t Just “Happen”


We stopped yesterday just before the ensuing battle. Some of you might have asked, “Why will it start a battle when I am simply trying to live my life in the right way?” God even answered these type questions in this book. We will continue on with our letter formatted from Galatians.

Your new life will become a threat to arrogant people who wander away from these guiding principles. People will have contempt for you, insult you, influential people will plot against you. But reflect on what you now know; it will be your Best Friend! It will give you new life as it helps you and teaches you to understand.

You will cry many tears of grief and frustration but you will gain strength believing in His promise.

· Cling tightly to His written word

· Set the principles in front of you to guide you

· Choose life each step and be faithful

o Do not be put to shame!

o Each step up you gain knowledge based upon the understanding of the steps you have climbed – because of this your field of view increases

o The higher up you go- the stronger and more liberated you feel, now you are living to obey and push forward

o He controls each day to give you more clarity, understanding so that you may follow Him without struggling so much

o Now you are able to guard your heart above all else

o Now your heart can direct you by way of the guiding principles engraved upon your heart so that you have richness in life without underhanded schemes

o You no longer see beauty in the things of no value

o This is His faithful promise of new life and why we are implored to understand a righteous fear of His eternal dominion.

Tomorrow we will take a deeper look at all this,

Prayers For Sweet Dreams,