October 1, 2011

My Way or the Highway!

We will be utilizing our road trip analogies for a few days as we journey further down this Honestly Highway - so make sure your vehicle has gas, strap yourself safely behind the wheel, start your engine, put her in drive and put the petal to the metal......cause we're off again!

If you were not with us for these conversations - please pull up Daddy Are We There Yet from the archives or Is That Your Final Answer, or anything on collisions, road blocks etc.
If the relationships in our lives are constantly demanding the only resolve to situations is their way or the highway,  then inevitably the highway begins to look extremely enticing; liberating really.  If it doesn't appear that way to you then there are a few things I am going to ask you to ponder - at your own pace of course.

There are always points in our life when we choose who our travel companions are.  We choose if we will walk, drive or be a passenger.  We choose if we will keep company with obstinate folks or look toward the highway.  Some people look to the open road as "The Highwaymen"  a rather rouge group, mysterious loners rebels with unorthodox views on justice (or something like that).  Others view it as the least desirable road, but feel pushed away from where they desire to be. 

We have discussed the fact that each of us have the final answer on if we travel with companions or alone.  And if we choose companions who they will be.  Obviously there are times when people stop behaving in appropriate ways toward themselves and or others which can cause a change to our decisions.  This is the impasse which we have discussed on many occasions. 

Today (or tomorrow since it is late) I want you to think about the phrase "My way or the highway".  write a few honest reasons why you would desire to:
  • Stay stalled out in the middle of the road instead of going forward
  • Allow someone to hijack all you have accomplished and thwart your destination - worse yet take over and claim your life as theirs
  • Give up your dreams so you will not be alone
  • Not believe that another individual would desire to travel with you
  • Be open to new experiences, learning and growing
Life is a gift, the past is not the present, tomorrow is not promised but just in case you receive one - don't believe it will be the same or worse than the one before.  Believe it will be better, believe that people desire to know you and that you can be whoever, whatever or wherever your heart desires.....then gas up your vehicle, strap yourself safely behind your wheel, start your engine, put her in drive and put the petal to the metal......and hit the highway baby!!

I know you, and you got this one....REALLY!