July 20, 2011

Distant, Far Away, Always Near


Lord take a walk with me today

This land is distant, but not far away

Amassed with clutter and debris

When my sight fails you see through defeat

In the safety of your embrace

I have complete joy within your peace


Engulfed in your spirit no fractures exist

In the stillness of Love I can hear the spirit grieve

Longing the experience of those still too far away


Knowing there is still much to learn

I watch closely as we go

With attentive ears I come to understand

Lifting your skills up to apply

Respecting this is not my natural suit

With no need to mention the state from which I came


When we battle for Love, it’s your victory that completes

With trust is in you, my self won’t compete

The destruction comes upon what destroys and kills

Yes indeed we celebrate with joy


But it is this defeat which brought Him the pain

I remember the cost to  his life…….

And praise God I was not asked to pay


With humble thanks,  I stand amazed

Watching the work of my mind, heart and hands

Knowing I own nothing that I can repay


If He chose to stop I would cease

Because without Him I desire not to be

So in this moment to honor His gift

I bow low for all to pass by

Landing grace upon others in need

His voice, truth and love will serve and sustain

Mercy I cry, my feet shod upon His

Now where He goes, there too I will ever be.


If ever we pass, please do not notice me

There is one more important you should see

His name is Jesus Christ the son of God

He’s the King of all Kings

The One who is mighty to save

At all times He is here and alive


It is true He does exist

And He is not too far away

Reach out He will touch to your soul

Call His name, He can hear

He will answer if you believe

Till then we are here as you can see

Know, too, I am human…. at times I might fail

But His grace overcomes and prevails


So in faith I speak from my heart,

Hoping His truth you hear when you need

He is with you at this moment and always……

His peace and love, I pray, comfort you as well


By Candace Huffmaster

©2011 All Rights Reserved