May 7, 2010

Do I REALLY have to fight?

God so often makes me giggle. Yesterday was a super taxing day for me, just when I want to say "uncle" ..."you win, okay", God steps in and says just take a deep breath...a time'll make it! So that is what I finally did by the end of the day. I laid myself down and said I will just trust you, believe what you have said and rest. Today, I decided to go to an older devotional that I never tired of. I went to their site to pull up their daily devotion.

After a good night sleep, God reminded me "Today, you fight for Me!" I will post that after the devotion.

I pray that in our weakest moments we are broken to our knees so that we can rise in His strength, courage and perseverance. To the God be the honor and glory and power for ever. Amen.

In Christ,

Go up and Possess It
By Richard Blackaby

Look, the LORD your God has set the land before you; go up and possess it, as the LORD God of your fathers has spoken to you; do not fear or be discouraged. (Deuteronomy 1:21)

One of the paradoxes of the Christian life is that God’s gifts often require labor on our part. God brought the Israelites to the Promised Land and told them He was going to “give” it to them (Num. 13:2). The gift of the Promised Land sounded great to the Israelites until they realized that, with the gift, came battles against giants and fortified cities! Perhaps they assumed God was going to obliterate the inhabitants of the land before they entered. Ideally for the Israelites, they could then have entered a vacant land with houses and cities already built and ready to inhabit.

Instead, God said they would have to fight for it. They would not have to fight in their own strength, however; God would be present to fight for them. God would bring down the walls of cities, give them strategies to defeat their enemies, and empower their warriors to fight. The Israelites would have a divine advantage over anyone they fought, but they would still have to fight.

It would be wonderful if, when we become Christians, God would fill our minds with a complete knowledge of the Bible and with Bible verses already memorized. It would be easy if God would instill in us a delight in spending hours in prayer each day and a fearless desire to share our faith with others. But God doesn’t relate to us that way. Instead, He gives us the free gift of His salvation and then tells us to “work out” our salvation in fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12b). Are you discouraged because the Christian life is more difficult and challenging than you expected? Don’t be. God’s gifts to you are perfect because, through them, God makes you perfect as well (Matt. 5:48; James 1:17).

Building of Today
If it is my word,
    it is to be today through all known time.
No doubt shall change what is,
    what is known is what shall be.
Faith is believing all,
    knowing what shall come will pass.
Those who are my own,
    are standing sure on what is firming under feet.
Reality is tomorrow,
    not moments fading away.
Yesterday built today,
    the tomorrow which fades to grey.
In what do you know of this reality,
    you so claim to understand?
A mind that I created,
    with limits of a man.
The known is not among those:
    who lavish on themselves,
    to squander and belittle,
    the majesty of His will.
By Candace Huffmaster
© 2006 All Rights Reserved

Not Today!

You will not win, oh heavy spirit of burden "Not Today!"
Today, I fight!

Today ,I fight the good fight,
Today ,I fight the righteous fight.
Today, I overcome,
Today, I lead in battle,
Today, my strongholds are gone.

Today, my spirit stands tall
Today, I hear your voice,
    and today your victory is true
Today, I fight for YOU!
By Candace Huffmaster
© 2006 All Rights Reserved