There is a Story

About Our Storyteller Groups:

Every great storyteller knows how to spin a tale, because he sees down the road.
Yet to spin a Great Tale involves much more than the external conflicts of ones travels. It is the interplay of complexities, the internal entanglements stemming from each character being intrinsically woven and entwined with other sojourners which gives birth to a grand literary masterpiece.

Together we simply take a stroll through a masterpiece to find out:

  • How far the writer was willing to go in order to intricately develop His characters?
  • How willing are we to delve intricately into the authors mindset, thoughts in order to know His character?
  • To what lengths are you willing to go to resonate with the character He developed you for?
If you are a character, in search of aspiring creative souls seeking to harmonize their lines and take it LIVE.....please  "Join Us!"

We Welcome You,
Kaleidoscope Butterfly