October 24, 2014

Imperfect Indeed!

Like a child’s deep wish; a hope conceived in the heart

The request released, from trusting lips forming the sound

From the heart through the head, into the heavens received

Came the yearn of the soul, “Be freed in me…”

With a smile it was heard; and with joy it was done

At the very time they hoped, they also clearly heard

For your love is great and you’re troubled for me

Because I am not bound here, we both now are Free.

~Candace Huffmaster

It always amazes me when I stumble across  something that I do not remember writing.  That is to be expected, as I get older, I am told.  Also, I am constantly writing, reading, talking and attempting to comprehend things through God's perspective. As I have trusted Him and relied on His spirit to correct, conform and counsel me, I have watched myself evolve, change and alter my surroundings.  Not that every thing I propel is from a loving position, however my uncomely moments are far less frequent day by day.  

Today I was thinking about my children and remembered how terrified I was to bring them into such an imperfect world, with an imperfect mom. But because I trusted God, I did it anyway.  What I learned is that while it is true our world is imperfect, it has been perfect for helping us realize what each of us are capable of achieving and enduring as an individual.

 Success and  independence are very precarious things, if we alter who we are based on an imperfect world it will forever change us and keeps the course of the world heading south.  However, if we do not conform to the imperfect but allow it to train us up into a higher functioning form, we can do a world of good.  This is the reason I can say the greatest joy I have experience with my family has been our  growing perfection of interdependence upon each other and the celebration of God's power in and through all things.

The sounds of us all together thanking God, praising Him for all He has done and will accomplish in and around us is a little slice of heaven.  I can only pray that someday everyone that has not been caught up in a moment of perfection here, within this chaotic place, soon finds a respite of their own in His grace.


© Candace Huffmaster 2014, All Copy Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc°

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