September 26, 2014

It's About The Chick

I know we are all very capable people.  Capable of what, is still being clarified day to day.  I am no different than anyone else and hope we are all equally grateful for growth in comprehension of truth.  If people did not share their thoughts, we would not develop as quickly.  However, endless discussion can bury important details pertaining to things of importance.

Just like gathering information to write about a topic; at some point the randomness must end and all things must come together in a cohesive manner.  But who determines the direction, validity and end of a thing?  It all starts with a question and ends with a satisfying answer.  Some of us become satisfied before others.  Others are wired with a deeper curiosity, heavens know I even ask questions about why that is. These thoughts have a reason, a motion, a force and keep excited to go farther down the line.

For instance, someone thousands of years ago wondered, "what came first the chicken or the egg?" (And yes, we too have discussed this before) In my opinion, on some level, God must scratch His head when listening to us.  If you believe in God, then you believe He created all the chickens and all the eggs, if not I am not really sure how their belief systems get around to chickens and eggs, but neither is that my point:

Knowing how God places all things on a stage to spotlight what brings Him sheer delight and share it with everyone else.  I think He might say we are missing the point if our question is which came first: chicken or egg.  I think He would say, I really can't remember now because I am watching this precious little chick break through this shell so it can discover a whole new way of life.  If you don't mind, not that I won't answer it, but I sure don't want to miss one second of this little darlings journey; would you like to stay and help me?

I also know whoever stays they get their answers. But I hope not all of them, I cannot imagine how discouraging a life would be if there was nothing left to learn.  Think about the writer of Ecclesiastes, after knowing and experiencing everything, he learned he had not been satisfied with what was best and enjoying the very life which he was created to travel.  I wonder at times if this was where he truly began to learn some good stuff.

Are you still thinking about light and dark?

If you do not know already:

In light there can be shadows but not total darkness.

Darkness is the absence of light.

Meditate on this scripture and see what you see:

In closing, God will allow us to ask any question.  He loves us! He also loves us enough to say "Stop It".  Just as He did with Job, whom He himself said there was none more righteous during his time.

Job 38: 1-3 Who is this that darkens counsel, who covers over sound instruction with empty words void of knowledge? Now prepare yourself and gather your courage like a warrior;  Prepare yourself for the task at hand.  I'll be asking the questions now - you will supply the answer.
Job 38: 19-21 Tell me which way is it to where light resides?  And darkness?  Where does the darkness live/  When you escort it through its regions every day will you know the way to its home?  Ah, but of course you know!  After all, you were born way back then when all this was created and your days have been many indeed!!

We know it is Satan who darkens counsel, who covers over sound instruction with empty words void of knowledge.  Maybe the shadows were too large around Job and maybe what God was saying was "Enough Satan", I am now going to shed some light and disperse you.  Think about it........

May Grace and Peace Be Yours in Christ,

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September 16, 2014

Would You Shine Your Light This Way?

Let There Be Life
Water Color by Candace Huffmaster

Did you take the time to think about the our two questions?

Don't get bogged down if you didn't.  But do click here just to be aware of what they are.  Otherwise, you will still be in the dark on the subject ;) 

If you are like most of us, when we begin scratching and digging at the surface of our questions, what we unearth is much of the same: more questions.  Just as with any excavation site, if we do not find an interesting nugget here and there we have no reason to dig more.  

God being more wise than we are and obviously infinitely more interesting than a basket full of brilliant thinkers, comprehends what it takes to connect with us beyond intelligentsia.  Thoughts matter, but if our thoughts do not affect / participate with real matter then they are of no beneficial purpose in this life.  

I used the ridiculously abstract statement to validate it's own point.  If God is nothing more than words and we are to figure it all out based on words written thousands of years ago - would we not pull our heads out of the dirt, shake it off and move on to higher things?

Look at how the Message translation depicts Genesis 1:

God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.

Just keep digging right where you are. I am not going to open up another excavation site yet; scratch a bit deeper with the thoughts below.  Let's see what kicks up:
  • Is there any way light can create darkness? 
  • Is it possible for darkness to produce light?
John 3:27- (I will post it below) are the same verses we have been studying, please sit with them and read them word upon word; line upon line to unearth a real treasure.

It would be fantastic if you would like to go to our website and post the curious bits you uncover.  You may do it anonymously or sent them in privately.  We want to know what you think, because we understand everyone seeking is finding their part to expose His fullness - so come on in and join the excitement!


The words of John the Baptist: 
27 Apart from the gifts that come from heaven, no one can receive anything at all. 28 I have said it many times, and you have heard me—I am not the Anointed One; I am the one who comes before Him. 29 If you are confused, consider this: the groom is the one with the bride. The best man takes his place close by and listens for him. When he hears the voice of the groom, he is swept up in the joy of the moment. So hear me. My joy could not be more complete. 30 He, the groom, must take center stage; and I, the best man, must step to His side.
31 If someone comes from heaven above, he ranks above it all and speaks of heavenly things. If someone comes from earth, he speaks of earthly things. The One from the heavens is superior; He is over all32 He reveals the mysteries seen and realities heard of the heavens above, but no one below is listening. 33 Those who are listening and accept His witness to these truths have gone on record. They acknowledge the fact that God is true! 34 The One sent from God speaks with the very words of God and abounds with the very Spirit and essence of God. 35 The Father loves the Son and withholds nothing from Him. 36 Those who believe in the Son will bask in eternal life, but those who disobey the Son will never experience life. They will know only God’s lingering wrath.

© Candace Huffmaster 2014, All Copy Rights Reserved
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