May 28, 2014

Shut Your Pie Hole!

Until we can say it is clear, this verse will be our opening:

Jeremiah 23: 20, 21 The anger of the Lord will not turn back until He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart; in the last days you will clearly understand it.

As we have studied, many times, we say we are waiting on God; but the truth is He is waiting on us.  One of our study verses for this month tells us that God has already granted to us His divine powers for life and godliness.  Of course, He does not give wisdom to dogs, pearls to swine, intimate relationship to childish kids and the list could go on.  His truth explains further that we "become" partakers of His divine nature through receiving His promises.  He cannot get close to us, until we come out from under all the debris.  Yet we are pretty comfy most of the time, and as long as we can steal a glimpse from time to time, we have no need to tip our little canoe.   As to not digress here, if you did not read about how God uses opposing forces to tip us over, for our safety, please click the link above prior to reading on.  

Is God supposed to not care that people do not know the truth? Is He supposed to cease trying to expose the deception they have been taught since birth? He knows that their parents were taught lies and so forth and so on.  The times we live within are no different from thousands of years ago, nor will the future be any different.  That being said, God works differently with each generation, as He bring things toward the final stage.  One thing we have in common, as the ones who take center stage to speak on His behalf, is the audience.  People cannot see God, so God sends flesh and blood people to step on His stage.  Otherwise people would simply be looking at the bright lights focusing on an empty stage.  More than likely a sound system would be a waste of money also.  

We will not cover this today, but through the thousands of years and many people He told to speak for Him, most of the time people said "If you are not going to make the show entertain us, or if you are going to be a downer, then SHUT UP!" Over time, God's speakers began telling people what they wanted to hear.  Some for profit, some due to the deception of their own hearts.  God attempted to send people to tells us that people were coming in His name say ,"God gave me a dream", to communicate, or God told me to say "this".  

The topics that enrage the Lord greatly are when those on the wrong paths are lead to believe God says  they will have peace; or when they walk in the stubbornness of their own heart and are told He will not send calamity upon them. In fact, God told Jeremiah: Behold, the storm of the Lord has gone forth in wrath, even a whirling tempest; It will swirl down on the head of the wicked. He also stated: Is not My word like a fire and like a hammer which shatters a rock.  I do not know the crowd Jerry was speaking to, but I cannot imagine them calling him back out for an encore. 

God allows people to be in place to test them and prove He is with them.  He has to have someway of showing up when we cannot see Him face to face.  Just because you are under the forces of someone does not mean God does not notice the injustice, imbalance and callousness.  Sometimes however, it is not God's best plan for us, we just allow ourselves to be lead astray. Maybe we just get tired, maybe we really are deceived.  Whatever the case may be, the larger picture is that God wants us to understand, there is a time in each of our lives where we all go away from His truth; some just do not care to turn to Him. If that is the case, leave it in His hands and worry about your own state of affairs.  

 For them, God said I'm watching, I'm listening and I care.  He has seen everything already and will not stop attempting to reach you with His truth.  He will not turn His back on you, as if He does not care.  In Isaiah 59 He is stated: 

The Lord saw it, and it displeased him that there was no justice.  
He saw that there was no man, an wondered that there was no one to intercede: 
then his own arm brought him salvation, and his righteousness upheld him.
He put on righteousness as a breastplate and a helmet of salvation on his head;
He put on garments of vengeance for clothing, and wrapped himself in zeal as a cloak.

With this in view, there is no way to lack a glorious luster; no matter what moment or season you are passing through.  Just in case you need a true encore from the Lord himself, I will send you on your merry way with this:
"And as for me, this is my covenant with them," says the Lord:  "My Spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of your offspring, or out of the mouth of your children's offspring," says the Lord, "from this time forth and forevermore."

As for our pie holes, looks like we are to keep them open forevermore; as long as He is supplying the pie that is ;)

My prayers over those of us, His children is for His increased peace upon us: protection of His truth, coming toward us and out from our mouths. Bless those who do not bless you - speak the truth and allow Him to avenge His own will.

In Christ,

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