March 25, 2014

Can't You Just Be Happy?

Obviously many of you have not been with us through all 650 of our topics.  The study we have been on recently is under-girded by past subjects.  I looked back to find the first time we used the analogy of a toddler in relationship to free will and relationships; what is below is a combination of several topics from our archives.

Please think through the what we have been pondering: Common Thoughts of God, Not Man.  Remember, even thought all things are common to man, we are not supposed to think like men.  We are not to exchange the higher thoughts of God for the common lesser ideals the world deems as good, healthy or even wise:

Spiritually counseling others through family, individual and personal crisis for years, I get asked many questions and listen to many monologues in regard to others behavior and God's will.  People have asked me, "If God doesn't believe in divorce or retaliation then I have to ask, Doesn't God want me to be happy?  Others will state, "I think ____ because God wants me to be happy".  

God tells us not to lean on our own understanding.  He also tells us that His thoughts are not like our thoughts.  He is omnipresent, seeing the end of all time from the beginning of all time.  We cannot begin to perceive as He does or to comprehend what is best, just and fair for everyone involved.  However, we can believe that He desires for us to be well, at peace and be able to express that He is a good God.  Which means we must ask Him to explain our situations to us in ways that we may mature and be stable.

I understand these dilemmas, we all do; they are common to everyone.  Not everyone has been abused physically, but we all have been emotionally.  There were times when I was told that God sometimes wants these things to happen to us for various reasons.  I do not agree.  I believe that God desires us to love one another and to treat each other as He loves us.  He believes we should be able to choose what we believe and protects our right to act accordingly.  He lovingly tells us the facts and expresses His desire for us to do what He faithfully advises, but much like a toddler we say NO, I don't want to.  God is not going to force us to change, but He will change us completely when we say "okay, I want to change".  

"Why will they not just stop doing what they do?", is another common question I am asked.  If any of us could just make all new habits and never fail, we would be the most self disciplined people God created. All we would have to do is take the list of laws and set our will power in place. This is what the pharisees and Sadducee's accomplished, rigid discipline.  Do you think they were "happy?"

The problem with rules without love, is that while we can push ourselves to do right, we usually do not love others well.  The reason is our focus is always on our self: how we look, how good we are doing in comparison to others.  This causes hatred, bitterness, isolation and many other ugly things. We cannot see anyone except ourselves.  If we cannot see real people, how can we possibly see an invisible God.

God understands that we cannot change without first being loved well.  It is through being loved completely that we are completely changed.  Do not think that God will put you in a place and abuse you in order to help another.  God, will use isolation, hard times and other things to get a rebellious souls to say "mercy".  There are times however, when others will be in your space, maybe friends, parents, a spouse or siblings and they will decide "I don't want to treat you right!" "I don't want to stop!"  These are the times when God's holy spirit will be right with you grieving and beseeching you to not retaliate due to hurt emotions.  

God expects us to be at peace, first with Him, then with others so that we may be at peace with ourselves.  When others mistreat us - God will help us deal righteously.  Romans 8 explains that just because evil was done, does not mean that evil will win out.  God will turn their hurts into help for someone else.  You see God doesn't need to harm us in order to teach us - But if we are not listening or others get onto our paths and create chaos, He is perfectly able to rectify the situation.

Let Him prove it to you - Christ is His first bit of proof, and He is ever interceding for a glorious victory!


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March 13, 2014

Now THAT Is Something I Can Get Behind!

It is a commonality with us humans that we have a tendency to look at life out from the the view most commonly stamped “the terrible two’s”. At this age parents may stress a bit, however they know it is simply a phase of life and a right of passage.  We have another nifty rubber stamp in our arsenal, which we can slather in dark ink to stamp upon older humans “reverted to terrible two”.  Well I have news for those of us wielding our lofty rubber stamps, God has a couple of stamps of His own and He uses PERMANENT ink! Mine, his

We are sticking with our prior topics and build upon their deeper meanings.  I would like to open with a new truth to anchor us in His mind set….not mans. For this purpose I believe Hebrews 6: 16-20 is most fitting: 
People swear by someone greater than themselves, and the oath confirms what is said and puts an end to all argument. Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.
I have so many wonderful nuggets from God’s great treasure box to share with you all, so please bear with me if today’s information is less concise than usual. I feel almost like (stamp please) “a kid in a candy store” knowing all are amazing but too much is not a good thing! 

Let’s pick up with where we stopped last: When Christ rebuked the mind set of Peter notice He did not call Peter out on the carpet, why would He? No, he give credit where credit is due and this badge of dis-honor was pinned to Satan. However, don’t you know that it got Peters attention.  I am not saying that Peter had not had a momentary memory lapse, (stamp please) “he lost his head” for a moment. But Peter would never get behind the things of Satan and He would NEVER in his right mind walk into his tent!

In truth, Satan is not even a force which should trip us because we have the reckoning force in our arsenal.  We are also given the right to wield His truth to drive out any mocker who slithers into our camp.   We must remember that with power comes a mighty responsibility.  We must be committed to not wield this power for the desires of His enemy, as we have studied with this gift comes a promise from God to protect others from our misuse and a warning toward one allowing themselves to be an instrument in Satan’s hand.

(excuse my side bar statement please): Many times we are much like Peter, we speak first and ask questions later.  If we would all slow down, think about purpose, outcome, affect of the words which we are pronouncing and directives of actions we committing our self to, we might listen more and humbly speak less. 

To really understand Christ’s mind set in this moment, think about when we have a problem with a company.  To begin,  let’s assume this problem is something of urgent importance.  Would we depend on a customer service representative and waste precious breath and time, or head straight to the highest up guy in charge who calls the shots?  We all know we dismiss the small guy and blast “I want to speak with your supervisor!” or whoever the highest official is on the premises.  Christ was on first name basis with Satan, so He went straight to the top.

Today we are looking at this from Peters point of view, because sometimes we just need someone to make us aware of where we are standing and what we are up against; at least I do anyway. If you would like more scripture, this is not exhaustive, but it will help you compare the context I was reviewing: Matthew 12:22-37, Mark 4 and Luke 11:17-28

There are only two dynamic power houses in operation at present.  We may enter and take refuge in either camp, but it is impossible for us to be a dynamic force within both, we will call them frenemies.  When the this person cannot get behind either of those and commit they are stamped “Monkey in the Middle” and placed out side the camps to wander aimlessly around “No Mans” land.

No one can last long in this land, because no man is an island; we can never be “self” sufficient.  We are created to be interdependent.  Think it through: We are born out from a miraculous protective all giving force.  At the moment of detachment we are literally able to sustain life relying on our bodily supply for a very brief time.  We must depend upon the function of our environment for everything beyond that. 

Each powerhouse provides with a plethora of gifts to grow us up. What are we being nourished and sustained with? We have no choice for a time, but there is a moment when we have to choose. Over and over God stresses for us to understand if we are living amidst healthy things and being fed by His environment. As we grow, we are told to leave the home which formed our ideals and fed us their fare. This is the goal of each power, duplication of their identity.  We then become the representative strong man and we are directly reflecting who’s power gave us life. We take all their gifts call them good and give them out to everyone naturally and without any thought. 

God lovingly warned us in 2 Corinthians, of our accountability to be mindful of what we are behind: Take care what you listen to, by your standard of measure it shall be measured to you and more shall be given you besides.  We cannot sit at two tables …..we will starve in No Mans land.  There is no power there beyond self sufficiency.  Also there is a very real point of no re entry and we all know we cannot go back into the womb from which we came!

Lastly, please prayerfully sit with the verses below and ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to allow myself to be interdependent?
  • Do I despise the thought of not being self sufficient?
  • Am I willing to belong to a larger entity and give when I want to be given into?
  • Can I ask for help and see it as a blessing that someone is more qualified at something or do I have to be able to do everything?
  • Will I allow myself to walk out of unhealthy alliances?
  • Do I believe God would tolerate a frenemies in His intimate trusted “friendships?

Luke 11:22 But when someone stronger than he attack him and overpowers him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he relied and distributes his plunder. 

Matthew 12:30 Christ states: He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters.

2 Corinthians 10:4,5 We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Christ could have taken us out of the world, but He did not.  He has a battle plan and it does not involve subjecting ourselves to undue evil.  There is a No Mans Land for a reason, because He love ALL of us.  Remember, we are not God….nor their Savior or anyone’s Holy Spirit.  We do not have to stick around and mold anyone or discern if they are saved: For by your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned. (Matthew 12:37) The only place self comes into play is choice.  We all get to chose for our self who we will get behind – I pray it is not your “self”.  As we know you will just implode!

Do not allow your thoughts to take any of this out of His context. Never forget, YOU are already loved my in a mighty way by the Lord God Almighty….no matter what camp you choose!

For the Cause of His Eternal Love, in Christ Jesus

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March 11, 2014

We Just Do Not Think Alike, No Common Intersts

Matthew 16:23 But He turned and said to Peter, " Get behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God's interests...but on man's.

We have so many opinions, mantra's, spiritual insights and mandates constantly forcing their pings toward our  present state of mind.  It is as if they are stoning us if we do not align with them at times.  Those who cast stones, and sometimes it is us, need to consider our strength, aim and how we are poised in relation to others.

We can be honest with ourselves but unless our core thoughts are pure our clarity does not equate with purity in any way.  For instance:

  • We all desire to beheld as glorious; but we do not necessarily allow our self to be glorified.  
  • We all desire for God to grant us His power, but not necessarily to perform within His power for the glory of His Kingdom.
  • We all pine for the justice of the Lord to come rescue us from evil, but we rebel when His justice is toward us.
If we are disciplined by God it is because we are His children.  Those of us who are known by God, are known because we know His son.  It is has nothing to do with if: we know His commandments; we know how to keep His commandments pretty well; we know most of the bible stories and their main characters; we listen to Christian music; we have know preachers; we go on mission trips or pray 10 times a day.  The ONLY reason we are known is because we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We can only have this intimate relationship through the fullness of the words He spoke.  

How close of a relationship do each of us have?  Will we bend just a little to coerce another...... Will we do good to be seen and justify.....Will we hate when another hold us accountable.......Can we be honest before there is ever a consequence felt by us......Can we be joyous if goodness is not extended or acknowledged.....Can we continue by only faith to persevere.....Can we stand up amidst a seated congregation, to honor Him as if we are engulfed within a crowd?

These questions are private, intimate and quiet personal.  They are not for us to share here, but between you and your Lord.  If you are early on in the process of sanctification do not fret, it is a Holy sojourn.  You may be at the sweet place of feeling those first few spiritual grievances which alert you of His presence.  Where ever you are just remember, He is with you for one soul purpose: giving you the common interests of God~ not man.

Today, if a someone meaning to inspire you encouraged you to seek out life by way of this avenue: To thine own self be true, we might sit with it and attempt to fit it in with scripture.  However, we must be aware that we already are a slave to please our selfish wants at the cost of what is eternally holy, lovely and pure.  As we walk intimately with the Lord He will shift our understanding allowing us to glean experiential knowledge of the who we are striving to be true to: The selfless son of God.

To the selfless One be true and May the peace of God be fully received by each of you today ~ share with all abandon!



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March 5, 2014

Is the Integrity of Your Moral Fiber Being Tested?

Conflict, relationships and our own space within the fabric of human relationships is not easy to fully comprehend; nor is our behavior or choices we must make. When we attempt to resolve conflict, resolution is only possible as far as it depends on the least peaceable element. For this reason, God tenderly asks us to remember.....As much as it depends on YOU, be at peace; then entreats us to walk away from those who are not willing to receive your peace. 

In Luke 17:1-3 Jesus was counseling the disciples regarding human relations:

"It is inevitable that stumbling blocks should come.......but WOE TO HIM WHO THROUGH WHOM THEY COME!" "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should CAUSE one of these little ones to stumble"  Be on your guard!! If your brother sins REBUKE HIM; if he .......REPENTS.....forgive him..

We do not always remember this verse clearly. Sometimes others emotions can persuade us to sooth them instead of driving them toward the Lord God. Sometimes we are too selfish desiring them to be reconciled with us so WE feel comfortable...... But to repent means to turn away from the behavior which does  not align with God and to actually change the thoughts you have to His and allow them to take root so you will take those actions moving forward. This is how He transforms us into Peacemakers.

So when life circumstances begin to pull at the moral fibers and test every fiber of your integrity, do not will not unravel.  The truth is our moral fiber is woven together in the Holy Spirit and God will not allow this thread to disappoint. Knowing what God stated about the one who causes your fiber to be pulled till you think it would snap, but for the grace of God......shouldn't we cast our cares and fears upon Him and pray for the person before they take a serious plunge?We have covered these points in the past, but today....I needed this review! So I felt as though someone else might want a reminder as well:

First Point:We are a thread which God is desiring to use to darn wholes in a very bad weave job.  He has a magnificent "coverlet of love" which has been misused, worn out and is not blanketing those who desperately need His swaddling. 

Second Point:Darning defined by Meridian Dictionary as: to mend with interlacing stitches.  The Free Dictionary stated it is to mend ( a garment, for example) by weaving thread or yarn across a gap or hole.

Third Point: In order for a fabric to have integrity the weaves have to be perfectly laid out and pulled.  Also the fiber of each thread must have integrity.  Integrity is defined as: the quality or state of being complete or undivided.  Knowing this helps us understand this verse:

Ecc. 4:12 And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.My love to each of you.  May you feel me tuck each one of you in under His mighty blanket of love; and hear the sweet song of His heart as you drift of to sleep tonight.


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March 3, 2014

That is Normal Isn't It?

During my sabbatical I have been taking more biblical guidance courses. This past weekend I had the good fortune of attending a biblical counseling session sponsored by Faith Community Church.  As Joel Teague was speaking he made a statement.  While it was a small statement it really made me stop....hard!  Many times in the past we have discussed the broad topic of independence, dependency, inter dependence, reliance and alliances just to hit the high notes.  We do this to ensure we understand our personal paths woven within the perpetual sojourn of mankind and attempt to walk it out with compassion, integrity but mainly in the spirit of our Lord God Almighty.  So...I wanted to share one more thought on the topic with you guys.

The statement was made that the normal state of mankind, God's creation, is in His image.  We get that, as well as the fact that due to sin, we needed Christ to save us from the fall.  When the class moved on, I was still parked; the word NORMAL just would not clear out of my mental path.  So I walked up to it and walked around it a bit, to see what it was all about.

I heard many thoughts run through my head....many conversations.  People were asking "isn't that normal?" "Why can't they just act NORMAL?" I heard statements such as " Normal people just do not do that!" Then I realized, no one without total submission to the holy spirit will ever reach normal; we are ALL abnormal, this side of glory!

As I have stated almost weekly for a decade now; creation cannot tell you how to be normal.  They can support you by helping you assess where you are not allowing the spirit of God to address your abnormal behavior; they can even hold you accountable with his words.  But your willingness to not harden your heart and turn a blind eye is all you baby ;)  God tells us the spirit is WILLING but your is your flesh that is weak.  WILL you ask Him to consume you with His Willing Spirit?

I am stopping here today - we will give this boulder a push and see where it rolls this week.

For now, understand that your are simply a normal, abnormal individual - and I pray you are saved by His grace.  Let's all pray for mankind to get normal......

For Goodness Sake!

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