December 10, 2013

Remember Me....Please...

There is no way I can tie all our points up in one pretty little gift today.  But the studies I have been doing are leading me deeper upon our past studies and He is rocking my world! My excitement is hard to wrangle in, but I will control myself  and put out just a pinch of it today ;)

We talk about our thoughts ALL the time in group, in our daily relationships and more rampantly virtually.  We publish them in books, ink them into our flesh, sing them into the air and scream them at strangers (well, it is true :0)  So now, let's pause and BE mindful.......

Mindful means to bring to remembrance or be reminded; to recollect or admonish.  God tells us to know that He is mindful of US; He sets the memories of us up as memorials -they do not change.
Christ asked us to remember Him...we are not going to elaborate on this point today.  But whenever I hear the Tim McGraw's song "Remember Me" I cannot help but hear Christ pleading with us to remember Him...... That makes my heart sad that we do not remember Him as He IS and what He did to allow us to be ABLE to know Him as He is known to our Father. (Here is a link if you want to hear the song) 

For today though, we are applying these truths to understand how our memories and thoughts affect our life / peace in our moments and relationships:

God tells us "His peace surpasses all understanding" and He / Christ left us His peace; but WE must choose if we will cling to, or seek, comfort which soothes our dis-ease or the peace of Christ and His righteousness that "settles" all things within our midst.  It might be squirmy uncomfortable at times to go through these moments instead of stopping to be comforted.  However, if we persevere, press on to this goal, all things will be resolved, "as far as it depends on us". 

Another side of these thoughts is our understanding of His truth; how we are taught or think we, our self are to "Keep OUR Peace" as if peace can be ripped from our clutches and stolen.  It depends, the peace WE generate through comforting our self CAN be stolen from us.  But not His Peace, because it is not generated by US.  So if we catch our self fighting, defending and screaming "Get Away From My Peace!" then we might want to settle down and .......Remember Jesus; listen to His pleading, grieving, holy Spirit.  "Please.......Remember....Me....."

The truth is, when we are in the clutches of these moments, we need to mindful that we have entered the flesh and blood battle ground; the coliseum as we often refer to it.  His peace is not "up to us" to keep; He Keeps US in His perfect peace who trust in His faithfulness! Remember, our study of the Psalms where we meditated on how the holy spirit desires to lay us down in sweet rest for His glory and name sake?

When we allow Him to care to carry out His desires for us we allow the room for all supernatural contenders to fight the real fight.  We also allow the ministering spirits to come in and care for us.  When the way is cleared, through Christ who goes before us, all opposing Him must flee! He ushers in liberty, but not a liberty that we could even begin to comprehend how to achieve; it is supernatural. The only natural thing we may do is join with the Power that reckons all things to Him and His Righteousness. He alone uphold and carries us through all times past, present and into eternity...

Be mindful of your thoughts, actions and words because our words are power.  They are for reminding, admonishing, rebuilding, rebuking, remembering and calling into place what lies ahead. Remember: people get wounded or healed, encouraged or burdened by them.  We get to chose them...who will you serve with yours? Who will you bring to remembrance and serve with yours; just know you have to sit down and eat the meal with him / Him.

For the Glory of His Kingdom and the power of His name which completely accomplishes His will, I pray we chose life, always!


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