October 29, 2013

"No Need A-Pointin', Now"

Firstly, I want to thank each of you for hanging tough with me as I multi-tasked to new heights this past quarter.  As I have always stated, those we care for, whether individual, group or leadership always give as much to the giver as the receiver. I do not know if it is age catching up with me, or if I am just getting wiser, but I realize now more than every my need to pause and methodically articulate all I am researching, studying, teaching, learning and applying.  Writing helps me pause to ask God questions, research His Truth and listen for His wise counsel. 

All that to say....I sure have missed this!  AND hope to be able to keep the rhythm now.

Today, as I was studying, the verse selected with material was Hebrews 9:

 "It is appointed for men to die once and then the judgement..." 

The word appointed .......men die.......judgement...... really raised up in my head with the voice of Pearl.  You know, Melanie's mom; from the movie Sweet Home Alabama.  I could hear her attempting to de-escalate a potential crisis saying " Now wait just a minute Missy, there is no need for name callin'" "She said her piece and that is all there is to it."  Well if you saw the movie.....that was not that!

Another southernism on topic, from a bygone era is, "there's no need a-pointin' ".  This is really the same thing Jesus says, just not in southernease, when He tells us " not to worry about the speck of saw dust when we have a bit of a log problem" in Matthew 7:5 But that is what we do........if we were fancy pants psychotherapist we would have the proper psychoanalytical name for it Projective Identification.  But God simply says it is an opportunity for growth :) I thank God....don't you?

There are many other snazzy methods of coping with this potential personality problem, such as: the pop psych or self help understanding of "owning" and "projecting".  While both of these are accurate the whole "stop it" methodology is useless; our bootstraps just are not that long or strong! Some day WE will get to the end of US.  If you, like me, have ever pulled so hard on your bootstrap that it snapped, pause right here with me and think about this.  If you have not.....maybe you know
someone ;)

To help us see reality clearly we have to adjust the quality of the information we are supporting our moments with.  If we desire to experience a growth through opportunity and not problematic conflicts then we must realize the things which attempt to pepper us with shame.  (God favors salt ;)
When the pepper heads our way we are rather repulsed by it's flavor.  We turn up our nose and push it toward someone else hoping they will gobble it up.  If we knew in advance what was going to be served we would avoid the dining room all together, don't you think? 

We have spoken, many times, about accepting other peoples puzzle pieces, then attempting to assemble the pieces to make our picture.  We realize it causes difficulty and yet we still attempt to pass off our pieces which we perceive as less aesthetically pleasing.  It is the same with the pieces of shame we perceive deminish our attractiveness.  We only want the pretty pieces, because we desire everyone to Ooh and Aha over us , right? At the least, not hide us away as hideous!  So when we find a hideous, shameful piece we freak out!  We desire others to be take the hand off and if they do not we tend to point at others, speak highly of their flaws......deflect, project, run down, over...climb on top and say......"WHAT???" "Why are you all pointing at me????"

Sometimes we are more subtle, we just poke others in their tender places till they make a spectacle of them self.  Then, we turn around and point and look at them with that "disdain of pepper" scowl.  As we back off we test our snares, who will buy in, who can be deceived???? Do we mean to???? Only you and God know for sure......sometimes we are not aware, it is subconsciously that we are protecting our self.  But we begin to build our cover and appoint our jury positions all the while thinking we know which Judge will be hearing our case.  However, there is only one judge appointed to hear these cases, and He has already been seated, heard the witnesses, passed the judgement and made sure the sentence was carried out. 

He will not take the stand again for these crimes - that would be Double Jeopardy. There will be another court date, but it will be for other crimes: those not yet brought before the honor of His Court. Till then,  I pray that every time you receive a subpoena from the accuser asking you to witness for him, that you not even be talked into showing up as a hostile witness.  Just do what Melanie did, stand up and speak your peace!  I guarantee better than Mrs Smooter, Christ will appear in front of you to say:  "Now, she spoke her piece and that's all there is to it!" 

Let us try to remember, there is no shame in learning, growing, trying or failing when we attempt.  Heck, there should not be any shame in totally making a debacle of things either!  It is just a journey, and as long as our angle is to love......then we are covered "literally" ;)

Be aware, you are blessed.....love like you know it!

Wow, I am rusty.....beware of the goohlish type-O monster!

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October 1, 2013

Enough is ENOUGH!

Last week I laid a few questions out there for us to ponder, in order for us to get realistic about our perceptions toward God.  
Of course, this is not the first time we have done this; nor am I the first person to stimulate these thoughts.  That would be ridiculous, after all isn't that what God himself has been trying to do with us since.....oh, I don't know.....creation!
Yet, every day we must keep breaking God out of our God boxes.  Why?  Simple, we are not God and therefore we cannot perceive what is in HIS mind.  Why not?.....because it would take HIS thoughts to generate HIS thoughts!  I don't know about you, but as for me, I am so grateful that Jesus asked us to be forgiven for what we do not understand!
If God is everything shouldn't He be enough for us?  If He is enough, why do we seem to be empty without human companion ship AND when we do have it say it isn't ENOUGH!  I am not going to unpack this all today, but we will begin...again ;) 
To move forward, I am bringing up several pieces from our journey groups.  We do not need to take the whole trip again.  I am sure this will dust the road off:

If you remember, we use a yield sign to reflect.  We discussed our reason for this is to yield right of way to any higher thoughts that might desire to cross our path.  I have to laugh when I see our imaginary road way - us in our car pausing to a pedestrian.  Who would this wise pedestrian be in your imagination?  Would it be an author; a parent; a teacher; a preacher; a public figure; the Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ or maybe God himself?

Think about if it were God himself and He walked in front of your car purposefully.  He knew what time you'd be driving down memory lane and knew right when to hop off the curb to get you to slow down.  What if He walked right over to your car knocked on the window and said this to you:

I don't think you will recall knowing me.....but I know you......  I am your dad and I have tried to get your attention."  "It has become obvious to me, that you do not recognize me."  I don't mean to frighten you but if you could simply pause for a moment, I would like to tell you a few things which are probably so deep down you never see them."

I know these are overwhelming thought for you and a bit strange.  But I hear you, as I am watching over you, seeking answers to these deep longings.  I think you want to know so badly that you might be getting close enough to hear me now."    

I created every cell of your body and then put them together piece by piece - I started with an Adam from which I took Eve.  I assembled a womb within your mother to hold each precious piece.  Their feet stood within a garden the womb of my everlasting peace, from them came the generations of the work my hands laid out.  All for one pure purpose....the purpose of your life.

I wrote all words of your story, your name is etched for all time.  Each moment that you have traveled was protected to not end abrupt.  All enemies of your lineage have been bound for your success.  Today, I wanted to remind you that I am the love of your life.
All those times you were scared or lonely, reaching out to receive a lesser love.  I stayed in your presence to console you, I reached out, but you couldn't see me.  All those times you were happy and didn't have anyone to share in your joy, can you remember the feeling of my presence and the energy of my pride for you?  
While there is not a NEED for another, I still desire you to love, lend and lead.  It is good for you to embrace another, for in this way our love become a much larger thing. The presence of my peace will never leave you.  And in me is the hope for your sweet satisfying rest. Every day I will rise you up with my blessings and propel you in the flow of my grace. 
In a moment you may forget these deep treasures, but you are a a treasure I hold dear in my heart. Over time you will glimpse me in your image. And in time, in your image I will be seen. Just remember one thing, above all else......you are loved by ME.


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