January 25, 2013

Is THAT Better?

If things WERE different, would they be BETTER…..or just different
We have spoken often in regard to comfort from distress being the nemesis of God’s peace.  Today we were speaking,  in group, about the fact that God is much less concerned about our happiness and comfort as He is about making sure we are not harmed.  I…..might…..even consider throwing another idea out here…..that in his compassion for all of us, he might allow some discomfort to be felt by others in order for us to learn a few valuable relational lessons and mature a bit……just saying it might happen from time to time.

As a general rule of thumb, what is so bad about this moment that we squirm so?  Could it be that this moment simply is not fulfilling one of our happy emotions?  All moments have an emotion charging them; think about it.  We however, are the ruling authority over how they get tagged or what name they are given.  If you think about it we could correlate it to God bringing animals to Adam and whatever he named them …..so it was named.

Funny thing “reality”, no matter who does the naming, God ordained that we each have the right to our own moments; but he also ordained that we must share them.  We all share the exact same moments all over the earth: billions of people, doing billions of similar and different things with the same exact moment.  Isn’t that incredible? 

Moments are the common ground; life and death are common ground.   Where we end or should I say where our emergent soul passes, transcends or whatever it does, is not universal however. God alone is at the helm of the universe He created for us all.  This seem fair to me, even right, when I think about it.  You see, God view moments without bias, He is patient with us.  He asks us to use our moments to relate with people, care, share and be concerned about their eternity.  He requests that we not steal others moments from them, by demanding the moments be used to our liking or for selfish ambitions.  He requests that we give others the first choice and trust that He will bless the remainder. He will even prosper the moments, and give them back to us seven fold.  God made time and can pause it, multiply it extend it, but He promised never to cut it short.  Isn’t that so GOD!

Think about Cain and Abel, if you need to refresh your memory read Genesis chapter 4.

I pray that we know peace and joy throughout all our moments…..they are pure gift from the heart of our Father.

May Christ be glorified in all we think, say and do,
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January 24, 2013


My son, do not forget my teaching, But let your heart keep my commandments; for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you. ~ Proverbs 3:1-2 

As I was reading this scripture today, I saw something different: God doesn’t want us to forget his laws, they are good.  But he implores us to allow our heart to guide us in keeping them.  It is only by His spirit residing in us that we are able to abide in His righteousness.  He does not desire for us to strive in vain, wearing our silly selves ragged.  He knows it is ridiculous for us to try.  We cannot even love each other well much less the hundreds of others below the ONE which upholds them all. 

For the length of our days…..the years of our life…..peace all flow up from our heart and fill the spaces leading up to our today and those relationships around us…..or not around us.  Our muscles are ignited by passion which stems from love or fear.  As I read this and turned it over in my mind, I saw all the things which have been added to me since I was a child.  For today, I am simply laying this one piece before us to think about:

 How many of us (I’m sure this will only apply to girls) have pulled the daisy petals as you state, “He loves me……He loves me not…..He loves me…..He loves me not….) only to have the silly flower have one too few petals and you end up on the NOT!  Silly as it is when that happens we almost get superstitious with the child’s play as if it is a little clue.

Why is it always an either or scenario?  What about the ridiculous saying “When the cats away the mice will play”.  What sort of mind set does the statement form in us as we are to grow toward trusting individuals?  We have spoken many times in regard to the harmless fairy tales we lavish on the impressionable minds entrusted to us.  Personally I love fairy tales; I appreciate the underdog winning and the super inflated evil tyrant being served his just reward.   But do we keep stories in perspective of teachable moments or leave these precious formative minds flailing between creativity and real life application?

Each of us was created with fascination by the only mind smart enough, powerful enough and able to complete us.  We speak often of the verse:  Since I am afflicted and needy, Let the Lord be mindful of me. You are my help and my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God Psalm 40:17

I have been silent for several weeks for many reasons – God is bringing me through another layer of discovery and it is so very exciting!  Whether I knew if or not I am not sure, but He has been allowing me to make plans, knowing they are good plan with intent to do His will and see that not all good things are His best for how He has uniquely made me to relate to Him and others.

As for this season and I know not how long it will be:

I will have no agenda except that which the Lord places before me.  I will find the work which He alone has for my hands to do and I will keep in my heart the knowledge that He will prosper it all for His glory and name sake.

Do I know exactly what that means? Absolutely not!  Does it concern me?  Not in the least!  As for me, I will worry about today and all that is before me to accomplish.  I will find His provision only in His rest and I simply cannot allow my soul to exit; for my soul needs its true mate….the spirit who forgets me not.

I pray that if you pick a beautiful daisy you not say any longer, “ He loves me…..He love me not”  but say and teach to your children “He love me….He forgets me not!”

Remembering each of you with tender love,



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January 14, 2013

selah: Covering a Trail of Tears

selah: Covering a Trail of Tears: A Prayer in Prose:   Good Morning Dad ~  You are holy, lovely and pure.  I seek these things which you alone are ~ with all my body...

January 6, 2013

The Tailor's Perfect Suit

We spoke last week about considering that we are God's soul mate.  To which I  remembered a scene from my favorite movie "Only You".  Marisa Tomei plays the role of a teacher, if I remember correctly it is high school philosophy.  She is speaking on the topic of pestoni which she states to mean: to take a trip which the destination is predetermined.  She is speaking about ying-yang, eternity and soul mates.

These fragments of all these thoughts began moving around in my memory, along with what we have been writing in Uproarious Delirium where Julie finds her soul mate.  I'm sure most of you have already had the epiphany I'm about to type - if so you will be glad to know that I caught up with you....sorry to be so slow :)

We have discussed that God is spirit, we are flesh with His spirit breathed into us and Christ is God made flesh.  But let's look at something a bit more abstract beyond that.  God stated that He could not content with man forever, for we are flesh and blood.  So He numbered our days to 120.  He also tells us that our battle is not with flesh and blood, it is a supernatural battle taking place in the heavenlies. 

We are not going to get into "the battle" again, we have been discussing the angles of this for almost a decade.  Today, we are looking at it in view of a soul mate.  People talk about finding their "soul mate" all the time.  The younger we are the more we think this is a reasonable statement.  However, those of us who have at some  point found our soul mate and then the next and so on and so forth come to understand that a soul mate is like chasing after the wind. 

Think about the reality of this equation: 1 (soul) + 1 (soul) = 2 (souls)  Relate this to our basket of apples without an orange.  Can you see where I am going with this yet?  If we are the same, who is among us to lead us away from harm, into safety and have resolve with complex issues which we do not comprehend?  However, when the holy spirit is found by a yearning soul and allows that spirit to  strengthen it in its weaknesses, now this soul may have peace and joy. If this soul then decides to join with another soul, then it will have something unique to offer in order to come to wise discerning resolution when needed; as long as it does not forsake its first love for the comfort of a soul which is not willing to abide in the same spirit.

God says that He is spirit and desires a body to unite with.  Remember the verse which states: sacrifice I do not desire but a body to call my own.  When God loved us first, he loved us complete.  When God tells us to love ourself, He is asking us to love us as He loves us.  God is loving himself, Christ within us and caring for us through the power of His spirit.  He comsumes and invades our depths with vast purity, light and radiance - It's glorious!

This is the part which overtook me though: when God says for us to Love others as we love ourself, he meant; as I loved you and delighted in entering into your soul, not because it was perfect....but because I could perfect you and give you a life that can never be taken away;  this is how you are to enter into relationship with another soul.  My spirit now has a physical form which is able to manifest a touch, a look, a blessing in a physical way through your form so let's go do that to someone else!

Our love covers a multitude of sin; but only the love which comes from the spirit.  God made us glorious, He is the perfect tailor constructing the suitable attire to cover our nakedness.  We have no reason to ever be ashamed of what He dresses us in.  I believe I spoke about how if God is not ashamed to abide in my body, how dare I ever be ashamed to show Him off.  I love the suit He has made for me to wear, no one can say it is not unique and a special fit =D

Think about marriage vows:  A man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife; the two shall become one.  What God has joined together let no man separate.  It states that we will go through a process of becoming harmonious with each other, as God continue to resolve our soul issues.  God cannot divide from Himself, but whatever is not of him will be cast off.  Which brings me to the last pixel for today:

God is tearing down walls, buildings and ideology.  God doesn't want our good works, our sacrifices; He doesn't want our alters, church buildings, programs, committees or businesses.  God wants our soul....eternally.  You see, all these other things are going to burn up.  But His body and His love ....now that's forever.  So, whatever you are holding onto, holding back from, running away from or chasing after take an honest, clear look at it.  If your soul can find no rest in it then Stop, Drop, Roll..whatever you have to do to get to the cross road and ask for the ancient path - the one which He says will give you rest for your soul  then WALK that way!  He says this is the way Zoe Life walks, which is the life giving spirit within us.  Don't make his spirit contend with your soul, as for me I have laid my anchor down and my soul is well suited.  In fact, I think it is a classic!

I pray that our runway in down the heavenly highway; God isn't that a lovely picture.....
Come on girls...let's practice our catwalk stride and make our tailor proud!

In Christ Jesus, find peace
With love,

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January 2, 2013

A Place To Lay My Anchor Down

 For I will restore you to health, and I will heal you of your wounds declares the Lord, because they have called you an outcast saying, "It is Zion: no one cares for her." Jeremiah 30:17

God tell us to wrap His words around our wrist, etch them on our heart, to speak them when we rise, go to sleep, on our way and to teach them to our children. Shouldn't we know enough of them to appear to have verbomania? No matter,  I took Him seriously.  The funny thing is that after so many years of doing this, I now hear them when I rise.  Actually they wake me up or either I am just aware they are running when I wake up. Most of the time I will either write them down quickly or grab a bible to see what the actual verse is.  As I research them, the words begin to come together; their meaning and understanding piece together as if pixelating like a beautiful portrait, which then becomes a dance of interchange between the past, present and future.

After reading Jeremiah 29 and 30 this morning, where God was speaking of rebuilding his people right where they were, I realized this is exactly what He has done with me.  You see, I am the same person I have always been, and yet...I am nothing like that person except for the memories, my form and the relationships which exist of the person.  Pretty much everything else about me has been rebuilt, upon the same ground.

So what has changed? I'm very glad you asked!  I am more kind, patient: more sensitive to others;  I am interested in so many things which stimulate me to be a better person toward others; I desire God's wisdom, to see How I can leave this world in His order; I desire to see what He thinks and if my thoughts are as His.  These are now my worries ~ not the worries of this world. 

Anna Nalick has a song "Satellite" one of the verses were playing in the background of my other thoughts as I was groggily stirring this morning: And so I send my feeble flair, through the silent arctic air, heading anywhere until at last I finally found, a place to lay my anchor down....
The thoughts running over that verse were this:  When you get to the point that it is more important to know Christ than to have answers or problems solved, then all problems, worries and concerns are no longer an issue.  Both were saying the same thing, I think.  Christ is our anchor, why carry that heavy thing for yourself......who is able to anchor them self in the midst of a horrific storm!

Each day there will be something...usually MANY somethings which will challenge us to grab onto it's horns and go for a wild ride.  It is usually at this point that we scream out save me....."Someone...help me" and when no one come running we ...then....give a shout out to God.  We call on Him to "do" something for us instead of seeking Him to "get to know Him".  We must choose which we need more...

As for me, Paul says, I have learned to be content.....forgetting what is behind ....I have determined to know nothing but Christ and Him crucifed.  Whatever questions, problem, turmoil is goading you today, I am asking you to consider the place I found to lay my anchor down: the feet of Christ.

WE have to pick up our cross and carry it.....that's a bit uncomfortable isnt' it?  Thank God it is only metaphorically and not as His son had to do.  It is up to us to drag it if we must, but get it there and drop it into the hole, lay our dead weight right there allowing Him to raise us up in His new life. 

Our problems will never all go away - each one will shift.  So be focused on knowing God through Christ, speaking His truth and giving charge to the Lord of Armies, which has a force to be reckoned with.  They will resolve all these issues. 

In Jeremiah 29 verse 8 it states:  The Lord Almighty, the God of Israel says: Don't let the false prophets and mediums who are there among you fool you.  Don't listen to the dreams they invent, for they prophesy lies in my name.  I have not sent them, says the Lord!  The truth is......

What truth do you need today?  Get to know His words and find your answers.  But need Him more than the answers and everything will be properly weighted and you'll be able to hold your ground.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians:  He has helped you speak out for Him and has given you a full understanding of truth; what I told you Christ "could do" for you Has happened!  Did you catch that?  Paul stated I told you what Christ could do for you.  Do you know why he was so excited?  Because of their faith it DID happen!
I can truthfully say that the largest change He has made in this reconstruction of Candy Kaye Carter :) is that I really understand what Paul meant when he said, "I have determined to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified."  You see, this is how I have resolved so many perplexing issues, by putting all things in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have let go of all things.  I actually do count them but rubbish in order that I "could" gain Christ and be found in Him, anchored.  It isn't because I am righteous, it is because of my faith in His righteousness. 
Now I understand God's power, how He resurrected Christ so that we could have His fellowship as we suffer through things and exchange death for His life.  But God still has not finished building the complete me yet; so I keep striving each day to see more of Him....so that you will see less of the lesser me....and more of Him in me.
That is my prayer for us all - as always, I desire our Dad to have "the One" He desires.  Maybe together we are His soul mate....the one He has been dying to be with forever!
We - together can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, let us believe,

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