July 12, 2012

All Dressed Up And No Need To Go

How many times do we feel we need to be with others in order to do something?  How many times have you gotten all decked out only to sit around and wait, or worse yet, someone renege? Instead of feeling like your all dressed up with no where to go - Think, I'm all dressed up and I have no need to go!
Today, refocus your thoughts.  Think about what you like about yourself.  Think about what you like to do, then do it!  You might have to wait till the kids go to sleep, or you might have to go outside by yourself.  But you CAN.  It doesn't take anyone else for you to enjoy "yourself".

Somewhere along the way, I started getting dressed up most every day.  Not for anyone else simply because "I" felt great when I did.  For me, putting on cosmetics and playing with my hair is very relaxing.  I enjoy creating new looks with whatever is on hand.  In the design arena we call it re purposing, and that is what we can do with everything we have around us. 

That's the beauty of being your self, when no one else wants to be with you, you get to focus on YOU. 
Know that God is always focused on you too, and together you can have a HUGE amount of fun. Give it a go, I dare you. 

Let me, us, know how many ways you find to enjoy yourself.

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

My love to you all - see you soon!

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