July 31, 2012

Becoming Entirely His by Oswald Chambers

I have been in leadership training all week and not able to write posts.  This week we will be reading the thoughts of Oswald Chambers.  Please use these to think about the area's you need clarity and wisdom to discern.  I pray that each of you realize the future success which God has in store for you. 

With Love for you all,

Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing —James 1:4
Many of us appear to be all right in general, but there are still some areas in which we are careless and lazy; it is not a matter of sin, but the remnants of our carnal life that tend to make us careless. Carelessness is an insult to the Holy Spirit. We should have no carelessness about us either in the way we worship God, or even in the way we eat and drink.

Not only must our relationship to God be right, but the outward expression of that relationship must also be right. Ultimately, God will allow nothing to escape; every detail of our lives is under His scrutiny. God will bring us back in countless ways to the same point over and over again. And He never tires of bringing us back to that one point until we learn the lesson, because His purpose is to produce the finished product. It may be a problem arising from our impulsive nature, but again and again, with the most persistent patience, God has brought us back to that one particular point. Or the problem may be our idle and wandering thinking, or our independent nature and self-interest. Through this process, God is trying to impress upon us the one thing that is not entirely right in our lives.

We have been having a wonderful time in our studies over the revealed truth of God’s redemption, and our hearts are perfect toward Him. And His wonderful work in us makes us know that overall we are right with Him. “Let patience have its perfect work . . . .” The Holy Spirit speaking through James said, “Now let your patience become a finished product.” Beware of becoming careless over the small details of life and saying, “Oh, that will have to do for now.” Whatever it may be, God will point it out with persistence until we become entirely His. ~ Oswald Chambers

July 26, 2012

The Mind of Christ

The Mind of Christ

To start off today, let’s review a few of our latest topics: peace ,rest, casting down false imagination, knowledge of what is good and what is evil, growing in understanding and experience (just to name a few). If you cannot recall or would like to refresh your memory, simply click on the word and it will show you archives on the page that it opens on to. Once you close that tab it will bring you back to this page. 

Christ spoke often, as did the disciples, about false teachers, misunderstanding and all sorts of deception. We're going to look at how our thoughts and misunderstanding or limited comprehension of passages can lead us away from God's best choices for us. As I see it, there's always a minimum of two choices before us. Usually it is more accurately a buffet of options; we, however look at the spread with the attitude of a finicky child. I recall a several year stint of saying, in reference to my youngest child's eating pattern, "right now my goal is to sustain life," and I would laugh. But it was a true statement. I knew that in time his taste would change as he matured.

God as parent is no different. His top priority is in sustaining our life, in order that we may have the opportunity to be all we were created to be. Do we really believe that statement?  Well, we should after all that is why He has allowed His body to suffer, agonize, die and resurrect.  We can’t possibly believe it was simply because it was fun for Him, can we?  And yet, our time here on earth is spent chasing happiness and fun.  Although that is a gross generalization, it is also fairly accurate on most days, for most of us.

When we run into conflict or discomfort the happiness is hindered and hindered happiness can be quiet the fun sucker to our moments.  How childish of us, and believe me when I say I am including myself in these comments.  But here again I must bring up the point that I do not believe Christ was doing the happy dance at many times and I cannot imagine larger fun sucker than the angry mobs and demons who were constantly chasing Him down.

We have a whole book that is attempting to give us the opportunity to get inside Christ head and to look into God’s heart.  Today I am going to leave you with two verses to meditate on.  Sit with them and pray for God to sit with you as you site with Him.

The thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

My son, forget not my law, but let your heart keep my commandments.  For length of days and long life, and peace, shall they add to you.

In Christ Name be all He created you to be, take even one small step today.

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July 23, 2012

Show Me, Lead Me, Complete Me

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. ~ Ephesians 2:10 
We have been speaking about entering God’s rest.  In the past archives you can find some of our group notes on “states” and “road trips”.  We have spoken about the “state of fear”, but we must focus on where we want to live forever; and that is the “state of peace” which is shalom.
The state of Peace is contrast to strife.  It is defined as: the object of divine and saving promise, which is only brought about by God’s mercy, granting deliverance and freedom from ALL the distresses we experience as a result of sin. 
God gives us new mercy and grace for each day; this is how we have peace.  He gives us His gift of mercy for the consequence of the sin and the gift of grace which will positively affect our character while dealing with said consequences.
Peace is a blessing from God.  It is that “state” brought about by the grace and loving mind of God wherein the derangement and distress of life caused by sin are removed.  This is why God is ever mindful of us.  He is not watching and condemning as we spoke about in group Friday.  Satan is watching, judging, and condemning us before God.  Christ is interceding for us in God’s presence.  He did not come to judge us but to give us eternal life. 
Please stand on that promise, especially if it appears that all other ground is breaking apart.  I can promise you no matter what, HE will remain faithful to you; here is how I can adamantly say that and know it is true:
Back in 2006, I was asking God to radically alter my professional and personal life.  I faithfully and dependently requested that He alone show me the undisputed truths of who He intrinsically is.  Secondly, I requested that He alone lead me through His process of mirroring him in all my ways; so that others would not have a false image in their midst which would lead them astray.  Thirdly, I requested that He alone complete me to not just act and show who He was but to truly completely transform me into His image from the inside out.
That was right at 7 years ago; and even though I had been a Christian since age 7, during those 36 years I did not come close to mirroring Christ on many, maybe even most days.  You see, all along the way pieces of my true identity had been given away, taken, lost or replaced with lesser things.  I no longer knew where I was or who I was.  I think I even questioned, at times who’s I was.  I did not feel like I was anyone’s, to be honest.  I felt utterly alone!
I do not think anyone who knew me would have had a clue about this.  From what others said to me my life looked rather spectacular.  These comments led me to guilt and condemnation for feeling as though I was not grateful.  But I knew something they didn’t, I was living a lie.  Not as in I was lying to people, but it was not my life, so in essence maybe I was.  Worse yet, in my heart and mind, I knew God knew it and I couldn’t take the feeling of His heart breaking by my own hand any longer.  But God had to allow me to get to the point where I simply couldn’t stand 1 more step on the God awful road I was on before I said “uncle”.
Knowing what I now know, God never wanted me to take many of the steps I took, but neither did He abandon me as I took them.  I became painfully aware of His imploring me to turn around in the 80’s. By the end of the 80’s and early 90’s I had turned around completely and radically.  But it was not until 2004 that I pleaded with Him to overtake all areas of my life and fully – completely use all things at my disposal for His will and glory.
I had no idea the threshold I walked through or the power which met me, embraced me and engulfed me as I passed through into this new dimension.  Honestly, I am sure I still am not aware in total God’s fullness or the heights, depths and widths He will be stretching me.  But I am totally in, and I could never, would never turn back.
Kisses C
If you would like to read from my journal with our Dad today click here: And His Bride Says Come
Please sit with God in your thoughts for a few day, keep reminiscing about whatever He leads you to think about.  Do it in liberty and grace casting down all things which come against that.  May the God of peace through the powerful name of Christ Jesus keep you in all your ways till we meet again – Amen!
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July 19, 2012

Guarding the Garden

Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything ~ Philippians 4:6
Philippians 4:6 not only tells us what not to do when we are scared, but also what we should do: Don't worry about anything - instead pray about everything!  Jesus came and gave us a gift.  The gift was His life so that we could have "his mind".  His mind is peace, a place of rest.  We have to receive his gift, fully take it, in order to live the Zoe life Christ lived here on earth. 

Adam had this Zoe life, as did Eve, before they chose a life filled with knowledge of good and evil instead. When they made this choice they were allowed to have it.  But the life of good ad evil didn't exist in the land of rest. God had to show them where it was, open the gate of their choosing and uproot them from where He had placed them.  He did not force them to go...He gave them their choice.  They were allowed to sojourn and learn all the knowledge of good and evil.  It wasn't all that they were lead to believe it would be, was it?

But we know God selected a plan and carried it through victoriously.  We now have the opportunity, as did they; will we choose to take life or will we pick the knowledge of good and evil?  He wants us to step through the threshold and enter a new realm of living.  When we enter in, we must trust that He wants to share all things with us as He relates with us. 

When we fear that God will withhold knowledge from us, we become anxious.  As we give room to fear, it takes the opportunity it has been afforded to plant it's seed in order for them to take root. Most of the time  we are not even unaware of the switch from dependency to seeking through our own strength. 

Soon our minds, ears and eyes become hyper vigilant in pulling from every source around us.  This is when the serpent can slither in, enticing us with many tantalizing morsels; and we do not disappoint Him.  We gorge on all the good, the bad and the tasteless attempting to gain more information, discern true life but instead of prevailing through all God has extended for our needs we travail and soon flail.

This is where His grace, through Christ, saves us from the curse which Adam and Eve experienced.  His love prevails every time we choose fearful thoughts.  He will stay with us, walk and talk us through each shameful, guilt ridden step until we have successfully cast down all the lies which distort the truth about his perfect creation.

I think about it this way, Satan has a great poker face and a very weak hand.  As long as we believe that we are incapable of passing back through the threshold being guarded by cherubim and flaming swords turning every which way Satan will win the hand.  But Christ has won the keys to the passageway of life and death.  The guarding of the garden isn't for you and I, it is for Satan. 

So don't fall for his bluff and if you get afraid don't worry; instead pray and tightly grip they key to freedoms door.  Here is a key of truth for you to meditate on in just such a case:

When you go through the sea, I am with you.  When you walk through fire, you will not be burned, neither shall the flame scorch you.  Isaiah 43:2
No amount of cards in Satan's hand can trump that!  So gird up girls and let's enter in!

With Love,
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July 17, 2012

Leaving Fear, Living Liberated

There is a difference between learning through knowledge and learning through guided supervised application.  I know how smart you guys are so I know you already correlated that to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life (Zoe life).

Even as smart as I am ;) obviously I do not always see the things I do not yet understand right away.  This is one of the reasons I am so awesomely, humbly, overwhelmingly grateful for the liberty within God's saving grace. 

God never removes His love.  He keeps us swaddled by this comforter woven from threads of mercy, grace, peace, rest, joy, companionship, unconditional acceptance, unmerited favor and much more which I am not even cognisant of yet.  But this I do know, whatever I don't know yet is alright - because He knows everything and He will tell me what I need to know before I need to know it - He promised!

He explained an area which I needed to leave fear and LIVE , really, really live today.  Click here to read what He told me in a bold but surprisingly upbeat manner today; that's our God!  I share because He cared enough to share something knowing He loves everyone just as He loves Christ.  If He shares something with you, would you be bold enough to share it back this way - He will probably tell you something from a different point of view so that we need each other to form a full view.

From what I see, today and every moment forward, all He wants is to be with us and show us His world, as He created it.  He is so excited to show it off; and I am equally glad to be able to see it...all of it.  Won't you come along?

Kisses Candace

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July 12, 2012

All Dressed Up And No Need To Go

How many times do we feel we need to be with others in order to do something?  How many times have you gotten all decked out only to sit around and wait, or worse yet, someone renege? Instead of feeling like your all dressed up with no where to go - Think, I'm all dressed up and I have no need to go!
Today, refocus your thoughts.  Think about what you like about yourself.  Think about what you like to do, then do it!  You might have to wait till the kids go to sleep, or you might have to go outside by yourself.  But you CAN.  It doesn't take anyone else for you to enjoy "yourself".

Somewhere along the way, I started getting dressed up most every day.  Not for anyone else simply because "I" felt great when I did.  For me, putting on cosmetics and playing with my hair is very relaxing.  I enjoy creating new looks with whatever is on hand.  In the design arena we call it re purposing, and that is what we can do with everything we have around us. 

That's the beauty of being your self, when no one else wants to be with you, you get to focus on YOU. 
Know that God is always focused on you too, and together you can have a HUGE amount of fun. Give it a go, I dare you. 

Let me, us, know how many ways you find to enjoy yourself.

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

My love to you all - see you soon!

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As Fragile As A Porcelain Soldier

I know the we all feel as fragile as a porcelain soldier at times. I also know that we each have ways of protecting our fragility as to not shatter what is left of us.  But remember, we may be pressed on all sides, but we are not crushed....in Christ. 

Sit with Him today as you read this.  Find another piece, a real, authentic, cherished piece and let Him hold it in His tender, healing hand.

Porcelain Soldier

Images shattered all around me
In my midst there is nothing as far as I can see
What I believed I saw in no longer standing
As I reach for what I held near, precious and dear
Like a porcelain soldier, attempting mighty battle
The truth attacked, needing only one direct blow
As the beautiful façade abruptly splintered
A vast cold darkness unknown to me appeared
My mind, heart and limbs now surely shaken
As the shards entered my tender trusting soul
What is real?  I feel as if all is reeling……
Why can I not see beyond this vast empty space
Me inside, all windows and doors now locked tightly
I hear deception creeping in from beneath the door
Sounding nothing familiar to my lovely soldier
Whom I trusted, loved... promising to adore
Why is not for me to know now......
To explain the unexplored depths of my ache
I hear the boast of the images past still mocking.....
Remembering their intent is to hurt showing they truly don't care
I believe I am loved and desired though,
By the only one who knows my deepest need
He tenderly cares while desiring to repair me
......All the cold callous rips into my very soul
He cries as I try to be strong, though it’s painful
To love them more than that which I have been shown
He encourages me to keep going
He gives me peace allowing me to try yet again
To believe in those things which are promised
To have hope in the things I still cannot see
He tells me He knows what has happened
And that only His truth will set us free
No matter how strong the force is appearing
He promises in no way will they ever again punish me

I live and I love,  crying sometimes…..
But now the tears are not covering me
They are poured out upon those bound, blind and hurting...
Trusting in shadows of all that is real, near and here
I pray that you reach out allowing life to touch you
To ensure that what is surrounding you is really there
Blow His truth in trust that He loves all things
Never desiring to harm what is righteous, lovely and pure
We love because He first loved us…..
This I know and is where my feet are firmly ground
Because it is He that conquered all of these things
So we must know, even now,  He in us will have His eternal victory.
I know your battles and I care – deeply, honestly, passionately and freely

By Candace Huffmaster
©2011 All Rights Reserved

updated ©Candace Huffmaster, 2012 All Copy Rights Reserved
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July 6, 2012

Now, Be Nice Kids!

For the past month we have been meditating and unfolding the depths of this verse:
But God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and self discipline.
In addition to our daily thoughts in group we have been discussing: two spirits – one is one dimensional and the other 3 dimensional; There are only two spirits to swing through life on the Holy Spirit and the spirit of fear; How the undergrowth of unforgiveness will ensnare our limbs; and how we can always take a running leap and try to swing beyond our trouble again if we wipe out.
We also spoke about forgiveness: The vines which attempt to snarl us from below, and the vines which we cut away from in order that the vine may carry us away.  We spoke of how we can be hoisted up but the tendrils connected to the earth will keep us from moving beyond a certain point.  We spoke about in Christ there is nothing but liberty.  If we do happen to fall we simply have to not fight the hoist up again.  The spirit will not fight us, it will relax right there with us and wait in love for us to allow the progress to be made.
Today we spoke about these two vines again.  The one vine of power, love and self discipline is rooted in the depths of God.  The power of the Spirit which makes us able to stay within the image of Christ under His head, together they join to guide and intercede so that we may receive all the love entwined flowing out and down from Our Father so that we are receiving the unmerited favor he freely lavishes upon us. 
We spoke about joy and saying no.  How there is a difference between saying no in fear and saying no because of your great love for the well being of someone.  While there is pain in speaking up knowing that you will be rejected for not doing what someone desires.  Out of love, just as God has agape love for each of us, we must follow through with His will in situations.  We understand that there is a difference between joy and happiness.  Happiness is not a state, so you can’t live there.  Neither is it a dependable mode of transportation because it is forever breaking down and temperamental.  Joy however, is a well crafted vehicle which will carry your throughout your travels no matter what state you pass through.
I shared with you all how there are people in my life who don’t like me and I thanked you for adamantly saying you didn’t believe me!   Again, thank you – ha ha.  But as you all know, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea!  I Thank God for having Christ tell us in advance that we wouldn’t be palatable to non tea drinkers!  I also shared with you my journey of understanding how critical it was for me to discern what I believed to be true: that being nice to people was the same as being kind.  But God showed me the truth, which caught me off guard.  It is a very undesirable way of treating people.  What I didn’t understand was that being “nice” is selfish, it is not real.  It was manipulation of others in order to preserve the comfort of my feelings.  Likewise, it  was also a more palatable way of making demands, at least in my own mind.  After all, the bible says to treat others as you desire to be treated.  And who doesn’t want people doing what they want, instead of what is best for their development and health. 
This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise, think back through the past decade of salesmanship books: How to Win Friends and Influence Others, Looking Out for Number One, the list is unending.  The reality is, “nice” is simply another means of economy.  People that are wealthy are not expected to be nice.  They do not have to be; they can purchase people and be mean as the dickens.  People that want their favor will suck it up and be “nice” to get what they want.  Isn’t that ugly of us humans?  Is it any wonder why some people do not understand? This is survival to many people. 
Of course, in my nativity and youth, I didn’t understand what I was doing.  I was simply doing what I had been instructed was decent, living in a “nice” world of political correctness.  However, when I could make my own decisions and there was no one else to hold accountable, I couldn’t do it any longer; I had to be authentic.  You see, I was living a lie and it was grieving the Holy Spirit.  Because there is no lie in God and the Holy Spirit was in me, so He started disclosing the truth where I was deceived.  Then I was aware there was a lie in me, which was when I could no longer be that person. Soon all those places where my soul was bound, He released and bound them in love.  The fear disappeared and I no longer was afraid to speak the truth in love.  I couldn’t stop it either, no matter how many people don’t want me to love them. And believe me I’ve even had people tell me they don’t want me to love them – ANYBODY but me they said – makes me kind of laugh now.
So let’s not train up our children by way of: pretty is as pretty does; if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, etc...  There is no need to read between the lines these statements are very direct.  They instruct formable minds and hearts to lie to them self, speak what is acceptable as to not cause a wave or either keep silent.  But keep in mind; we first have to understand what the truth is before we can train up a child in the way they should go.
Lastly, we correlated these topics: child birth and parents, new birth and God our father; Christ demeanor with the learned and Christ demeanor with the saved; being coached in fear and being coached in love.
Over the next week we will be breaking all these down and digesting the broad topics we started while entwining the power, love and self discipline of the Holy Spirit.  Our goal being: to discern the spirit of fear in order to avoid clinging to that vine and taking a swing in the dark.  
Sorry to be long winded but I didn’t want to forget anything – great group today.
I thank God for each of you, you delight me!

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July 4, 2012


Oil Painting
Candace Huffmaster

Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. Isaiah 64:4

Some days seem long. Even longer are the days we are waiting for things to change. During such times God’s faithfulness has always encouraged me.  As I would sit with Him, read, relate and pray, He would give me strength.  Time and again, He walked me through circumstances proving that I did not need to pray for things or people to be different to be at peace. His largest concern was that I accept his gifts and believe I needed Him more than anything I could hear, see, touch or smell, in order to could keep my peace.

Without some of those, seemingly, immovable obstacles I would not have experienced the depths of His faithfulness.  Without those deep experiences, I would not have had the stamina to rise above the challenges.  Through these challenges my eyesight expanded, and I received insight.  As my vision corrected my perceptions of situations and people were no longer distorted by fear, but perfected in love. 

I’m sure there are obstacles down my road.  But, in Him I trust I will see these object as they are, opportunities: to see better, view greater expanses and envision new things which alone would be beyond my comprehension.  

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July 1, 2012

Do Not Fear....It is I

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and discipline ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

We have discussed how God only offers good and perfect gifts.  We know that there are lesser gifts which we must be aware and discerning of.  We also know that God sent us a helper in order to be ABLE to discern.  We know that we are capable of many things, but only God is able to do all things victoriously. 
The bottom line is this:  it isn’t about all the “stuff” that we make it through, it is about what God can do!  We can and do make it through a lot of things in the spirit of fear, right?  We do not let go of the fear till we get to the other side.  Then what transpires?  We boast and say we’ve got it now and can sufficiently make it through the same thing if we ever need to again.  God is not necessary in these situations.  I am not saying that people do not give God ANY kudos in these situations but it is more of a “shared” spotlight. 
God on the other hand wants to give us the spot light.  Think about when Peter stood up to walk on the water.  Christ did not say, who do you think you are attempting to walk on the water as “the Great I AM!”  NO, he stood silently, probably proudly, that Peter had faith and would step out and “give it a go!” He KNEW the unlimited possibilities of Gods power unto those who would simply believe while allowing the spirit to its ability through our body – which IS His body.  Now, hold these thoughts and read this verse:
And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be you; bid me come unto you on the water. "Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.
In these precious moments Peter was fully committed to allowing the spirit of power, love and discipline to hoist him up and complete a really good work in any area where Peter might have had limitations.  But then…..the spirit which God does not give us rolled in like a mighty turbulent, chaotic storm and the roar of doubt, confusion, timidity and cowardice caused him to sink as his faith was thrashed about by the spirit of fear.
We are told that Jesus “made” the men out ahead of him into a boat on the water while He sent the multitudes away.  Jesus went away alone to pray.  While they were crossing to the other side, it states that the boat was being battered by the waves and the wind was “contrary”.  A few chapters back, in Matthew the disciples were tested by a storm and a boat, the difference was that time Jesus was asleep IN the boat with them.  So, of course, the spirit of fear was crouching ready to devour their faith as they gleaned experiential knowledge of what they believed.  But Peter, ever being thrashed did not shrink back in the midst of this storm; don’t miss that!  Instead he took a step, experienced something he believed God could do. 
Christ, didn’t speak up till the spirit had accomplished what He set out to do and through this perfect storm Peter received the opportunity, took stage and the light was shinning down on him.  There is no shame in sinking, Peter simply is being developed.  But that’s for another day ;)
Today, be grateful for the spirit of the Lord and thankful that He is able to DO all things.  I pray for those who are being battered by the spirit of fear, and I ask that you stand up when they shrink back in fear and bellow – Peace, be still for the Love of God is abundant and covering the earth from His throne in the heavens.
 For more reading on Fear and the Journey:

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