January 30, 2012

You Don’t Find Your Passion

You don’t find your passion ~ your passion finds YOU! ~CH
For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge. For not knowing about God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God ~ Romans 10:2,3
And Isaiah is very bold and says, “I was found by those who sought ME not, I became manifest to those who did not ask for ME” ~ Romans 10:20
The things we find in life are physical: people, places and things.  Passion is not physical it is emotional.  Pure passion is not stimulated from our emotions – it propels righteousness, rest, peace, joy, love, goodness.
We persevere to find passion but TRUE passion cannot be manufactured.  It is simply ignited like spontaneous combustion. Where as the passion we build will run out of propellant, it will dwindle, turn cold and fade if we do not keep stirring the emotional fires.
However, when we simply sit at the feet of Christ with no intent other than His presence, with no expectation only true love which also comes from Him, His passion fills us up.  In an overflow within His boundaries we are effective for His purposes.  We are unaware of what He is doing because we are so enamored with His presence.  All else is just happening.  We do not revel in it, take credit for it, worry about if it is happening or not, or even remember the details about it necessarily.  Why? Simple; our focus was on our King!
Do you remember what it was like when you were first enamored with someone.  It was probably someone you had a crush on and they finally asked you out / or accepted an invite.  Maybe it was the beautiful child you finally gave birth to or adopted.  The point is this, all time, responsibility and worry  went out the window when you were in their presence didn’t it?  You still had life going on and were functioning within it.  You interacted with others (hopefully) but you had so much joy – you were giddy and life was grand!
Can you remember that problems still happened, but they seemed trite.  All things were possible because you were so filled with passion for your beloved. This is what I am speaking of.  Hold these thoughts and look at the references to scriptures below.  I pray you glean new thoughts to ignite your relationship and understanding today.
God says to seek first Him, His Kingdom and all else will come.  What comes doesn’t bring sorrow, although we may be pressed on all sides at times we will not be crushed. Christ said to have hope in all things we face or endure because He overcame the trappings  / schemes of this world; He didn’t leave us but sent us the Holy Spirit which is what got Him through.  God promises that His arm is not too short and He is not slow in fulfilling His commitments as some say.
Remember God calls you His Delight.  He is for you and Christ has gone to prepare a place for you.  He is coming soon and there is a band of mighty angels all around us taking charge of all these truths.  So allow the spirit to prosper this day ~ all day ~
Seek for Christ because He is seeking you ~ with the power of the Sprit propelling the search while God is calling your name ~ Believe you will be found right where you are.  Then allow them to embrace you, reveal your inner most parts that have been hidden away.  Let them show you who you were Divinely created to be and LIVE in their LOVE.
Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!!
In Christ, BE passionately propelled….today.
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January 23, 2012

Controlled Verses Wild Fires

Anger stems from passion, however anger is not the first emotion felt.  Each one of those emotions kindle the fire, which ultimately causes a spontaneous combustion. We then are moved to action, the action we take moves us with zeal toward the passion. Keep in mind, unless the passion is righteous, we will be propelled deeper into darkness, despair and death.  ~ excerpt from Deeply Series 

Think about the pictures below and their captions:

Thoughts, Feelings, Information are no more than matches stored safely in our mind on which to reflect.

What We Perceive is Real, We Strike Out to Find


When We Are Not Discerning All Perspectives Before Releasing Our Passionate Effort Devastating Consequences May Occur

The main topic we were discussing Friday was keeping the reason for our HOPE as the center portrait where our eyes can never miss it.  We discussed some of the things we hope for as well as the verse which reminds us that wisdom does not hope for something which can be seen.  That would mean you have already reached it. 

I pray that we not be followers of people chasing after the wind, but that we follow the GOD who foresaw all things and can see the way to where we are going.....protected and safe from all things coming against us.

Read the following:
The Hope in us All  and Going for the Ask or Going for the Rip Cord

You can also reflect on the poem Choice of Life on our Art of Survival web page - click it on the right side bar.

My Love to Each of You,

January 20, 2012

What is Your Mind Frame?

I wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed our meeting today.  What is so awesome for me is that no matter how many times I talk about a subject, I learn something, go a bit deeper on the topic.  I am so very blessed to be able to glean from each of your experiences, laughter, silence, opinions, hugs and kisses.  And then there are those precious kiddo's - don't even get me started .....

In the gallery of my mind each of you have a plaque.  You are forever etched in my heart and no one can take that from me or from YOU.  Remember this week to look through your gallery.  Think about the "corners" and the quality of work which YOU choose to call "fine art".

As for me, I made my choice and I call each of you FINE ART!  You know what the best part is?  So does God.  No change is necessary for that either - He loved you before you did well or messed up.  He sees you in your fullness, not from the frail sights of man.

Believe that....because it is so.

Kisses to you all and much gratitude =D

If you want the notes from today, "What is Your Mind Frame" just let me know.

January 19, 2012

Which Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

We Love Him, because He first loved us ~ 1John 4:19 KJV
This is how much God loved the world: He gave His only begotten Son...... John 3:16 (the message)

God's love is a force chasing after us, protecting us, warning us, sending out wisdom to anyone that will open up to it.  What a driving force is the love of God!  It moves mountain, with even a mustard seed size snippet.  It heals our soul in order that our spirit may continue to travel out our days in community with all He is doing.  It chases us down to lavish itself upon us in mighty ways.......just because it IS.

 Do you have a passion burring so fiercely within you, that to hold it in would disintegrate your very existence????

Passion is a propellant which without a vehicle cannot be driven. 

We know this to be true, and our bodies are simply the vehicle by which we maneuver throughout the roadway of the physical realm.  We will not revisit all our past topic on this matter - but if you cannot remember them or find them in the archives post a comment and I will direct you.

Let's ponder a few other points about our general beliefs:  We know that God exists - He is holy, lovely, pure and just. We believe He abhors what is evil and demands that the things within His presence be sanctified.  We also think of God as loving, forgiving, a giver of good gifts and that He blesses us in life.
But we have to integrate the qualities of God in order to not visualize Him as mere man - having good days, bad days and negative responses based on our manipulation or purposes.

Without Christ in this equation we cannot unify the True image of God.  And left in the hands of the one we created there will always be a fracture, a flaw, an area where this god will fail to produce what we have imagined they are capable of.  As we come to know Christ, we see God through His character, His experience, His faith n God's faithfulness; because the Holy Spirit will show us the depths of God, the widths of His love, the breadth of what Christ was willing to believe and do in order to show the heights which God alone can reach ~

So do not put your faith in the shallow ways of this fractured world; which God sent Christ to save. Be FOR the Kingdom which is always at hand ~willing your soul to believe and travel the higher roads which ARE really in our midst - you just have to passionately seek them.

As for the answer to which came first the chicken or the egg...neither.  What came first was Gods passionate love seeking to HAVE chickens in our midst; And so it IS!

For the Love of God,
within Christ and He within us,

January 15, 2012

Don’t Forget to Take Caution When Stepping Passionately

Together, we have stopped to go Deeply into our lives. We have looked Honestly through the pieces which amassed our moments traveled. And now, we are going to Passionately search the truest view points and directives for emerging into a beautiful new life beyond chaotic mind sets which hinder our freedom.
Think about these things:
clip_image001 When we only look deeply at life, we become consumed with the depths and weight of life. Life can become heavy and constricted without balance.
clip_image001[1] When our eyes roam constantly for honesty, our view point can become critical toward our self and others. We must look deeply at our motives before we hold another up to our understanding.
clip_image001[2] When we are presumptuous and immature we may passionately do many things, however our immaturity or lack of understanding can get in the way of God’s best for our self and others in need.
clip_image001[3] When we speak the truth, if we are not grounded in God’s love, leaning on His understanding they will not know the essence of life which His liberty brings.
I am passionately looking forward to all we will be studying for the next few months.
With Love,
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January 11, 2012

Magnificent Box

magnificent box_watercolor 002 (2) altered
water color by Candace Huffmaster

A box no matter how magnificent is still a mere box.  It is the heart given which creates the present.~ ch
Having just come through the holidays, witnessing so many exchanges between individuals my mind opened wide to perceive a few things. 
Is it the quality of the content within the box which sets the value of wealth a recipient receives?  We know the verses which state it is better to give than to receive.  Yet as a society many times we are purchasing out of obligation and or for image reasons.  We can spend a great deal of money “doing the right thing” and looking good doing it but that little bit of good fades – people forget how great the gift was.  God tells us when we give love, charity, mercy, kindness, patience that not only are others blessed but we are blessed and He is given glory.
Let’s not put these gifts in a box, let’s simply share them as they freely flow down from our heavenly Father.  For when we do this each present moment will be more magnificent than the last.
Think on these things if only for today -

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January 8, 2012

Don't Worry; You've Got Time.....Till You Don't!

Our minister spoke on worry today.  Since I have spent my whole life running from worry it was quiet wonderful to have such a great presentation to glean from.  What I know understand is this:  As a society we clump many things under the label of “worry” when in fact they are mislabeled. God does not tell us to “not care”, “not be affected” or to unplug our emotions, heart and brain.  He simply states – don’t worry about the things which cause us to turn our eyes in on self and away from the “Big Picture”.
God tell us that we all have an amount of days to live out this life.  He also tells us that there are a number of days that the world as we know it will survive and then the end will come.  The most important things to God is Faith, Hope and Love and Love is the highest of all.  We know the reason for that – God IS Love and ALL things are united within Him.
Ecclesiastes speaks about these times as do many other scriptures.  We will not get into those today, but anytime you see a colored word in the daily thoughts click on them and it will open in another window with the information.  We are finalizing the Honestly Series.  Think about Jeremiah 1:5-10 and how that applies to all this. You may also click this link for something to stimulate deeper thinking this week: Pitifully Pity Filled Tear

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations. 
Then I said, Alas Lord God! Behold, I do not know how to speak, because I am a youth.  But the Lord said to me, do not say, I am a youth, because everywhere I send you, you shall go, and all that I command you, you shall speak.  Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord. 
Then the Lord stretched out His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me, Behold I have put MY words in your mouth.  See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.  Jeremiah 1: 5-10 NAS

God Himself chooses who he will send and for what purpose.  It matters not what our natural capabilities, education or age is.  He appoints our heights, depths, widths, expanse and spans for the completion of plucking up, breaking down, destroying, overthrowing, planting and building.
You see all things are HIS.  He chooses to give them freely to His family.  God also allows others to use, abuse, replace, enhance, share and personally take credit for misuse or proper use of His belongings.  Remember, people, animals and all things comprising our universe are His “things”.
He has to shield His ecosystem; He must maintain proper health of environments which means out of love for the whole He cannot allow even one disruptive force when it starts to intoxicate the well being of His Kingdom.  So, He then instructs someone to pluck up and get rid of it before it poisons something He cherishes. 
If we do not trust Him or are afraid and allow this toxin to stick around, we then have a harder task at hand. It grows by encompassing what is vulnerable folding it in to itself and causes a larger mess / mass.  Plucking it up is no longer an option it now has to be broken down.
Breaking something down takes support and community; a divided Kingdom will not stand God says.  When we allow evil to take root and weaken all it has come in contact with it is no different than a malignant cancer. It keep reproducing, growing and sucking the very goodness from the perfect will of God.  So God MUST destroy it.
What a grievous task this is for all life forces God delights in!  We all know in order to destroy what has come to harm even kill us, albeit at times a long slow suffer, even healthy cells get killed in order to save the whole.  And yet because they keep fighting for the good of His ecosystem the fight is won, the evil is over thrown; hooray! 
Now God has something holy, lovely and pure again on which to build upon; a place of harmony where His seeds can be planted, thrive and provide all the health, wealth and prosperity that His Kingdom and those choosing to persevere without ceasing are rightful airs to.
So don’t worry; care and pray without ceasing for His Kingdom to come right here on earth today – as it is in Heaven.  Even cry a few pity-filled tears if THEY need!
With the Love of our Christ, drenched in thanksgiving for a life lived in Hope –
Because He lives!


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January 7, 2012

Who Are You Laying Down For?

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.  For those who want to save their life will lose it, ant those who lose their life for my sake will find it.  For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life?  Or what will they give in return for their life? Matthew 16:24-27
Most of us do want to believe we really do follow Christ – at least o the important stuff. But a true relationship with the Lord, begins with a cry for help – the realization that we have nothing to save us from ourselves, the world etc.  Unless we allow Christ to step in and teach us how to do life leaning on Him to complete us, we will be limited to what we are able to make out this life.  Through Him we learn courage and mastery of fear.  Only then can we be true God raised apostles to the Christ who goes before us.
So let me ask these questions for us to think about:
Are you laying your life down?
If so, for who’s sake?
You can lay your life down for many things, people even yourself.  If it isn’t for Christ’s sake you will still lose your life but have nothing gained.  At least selfish people will have had selfish gain by not laying down their life for anyone or Christ.  But all those things are fleeting and end in dust.
Peter did not understand Christ laying his “self” down for selfless reasons.  Christ used some of the harshest words recorded when He calls Peter “Satan” because He was tempting Him to take the easy way out and rise to glory.  Our soul is lured to deflect us from the path God has set before us.  It says “come on – take the easy way out”, “give in to selfish desires for security and glory”.  Know this dying to self is an ignoble death and only through Christ himself empowered by the Holy Spirit can we also tell Satan to get behind us as a witness to the Lord God Almighty’s rightful position as Victor over all.
I ask that each of you pray for insight, wisdom and discernment in all these areas.  I pray that the Holy Spirit enliven you to see as you hear Christ Himself teach you as His very own disciple.
In the name of Christ, within His very heart – I believe

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January 6, 2012

Faith, Love, Hope

John 3:16, 20,21  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. ~ For everyone who does evil hates the light and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed. ~ But he who practices the truth comes to the light that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.

We must: work in faith, labor in love and be steadfast in hope because of the Lord Jesus Christ and our security in the presence of God, our Father.

We must be fully convinced that these beliefs of our mercy and grace through Christ was His choice and His choosing so that we were Able to receive the full gospel (meaning empowered and alive because of the Holy Spirit).  Otherwise all this is no more than mere words as any other story being told. 

It is the Holy Spirit which gives us the full conviction ~ which also proves what kind of people we are.  It is for this reason we have the mercy and grace in order to withstand the number of our days ~ in order that we might grow into the person He divinely desired and created us TO be.  But the choice to receive is as free as the gift of life we equally received.

This day what does your soul choose - Life or Death?  Be aware that you may choose eternal life and be saved - but live the moments of your day as if you have chosen death.  What a grievous life is that choice lived. 

I thank God for His benevolent pity for the misery brought about by our sin and His pitying love which came before His saving grace.  His mercy continues on with us because His grace does not alleviate the consequences of our sin.

I pray that we all allow God's grace to remove the quilt and power of sin upon our life so that our misery is alleviated, in order that we may have joy, feel compassion and exercise mercy toward others in their time of need.

I hope your new year has started well,
In peace,

January 4, 2012

Feigned Sanctification

As we have been thinking about the lures which capture our focus or thoughts, I started thinking about sanctimonious behaviors - false humility. Sanctimonious is defined as: Feigning piety or righteousness.

 God desires to sanctify us or set us apart for sacred use; He consecrates us.  When we are self righteous we are being sanctimonious.  He desires us to be righteous in Him, to allow our self to die so that His "self" righteousness may develop us within Him. 

Think about this:  God is a real God desiring real relationships.  If He didn't want relate-able relationships He would have created things differently, but He didn't. We know that the process of sanctification can only be done through the Holy Spirit, therein lies the lure to our soul telling us that no one will be able to tell the difference.  Will they be able to discern if we are truly sanctified or simply sanctimonious?  Do I really need a saviour or can I pull off saving myself?

So I looked up the definition of Savior in the etymology dictionary and found out that the word savior actually was borrowed from Old French and Latin words meaning saver, preserver, to save. 

There is a difference from being set apart FOR God and set apart FROM God.  Theology and sanctimonious BEHAVIOR without the spirit of God's liberty exposing the depths of our souls intent to unify the spirit with the soul is the reason for Gods sanctions or commandments.  We have to be ABLE to see for ourselves what He sees or we will not believe we CAN be lured away!

Today relax in God's will knowing He loves you and calls you His delight.  He knows sanctification has to be done by this so he sent us a "life" preserver - a savior Christ Jesus.  Being a creation of God, this life preserver operates higher than a preserver created by the hand and ideals of man.  What God sent to save us can't be deflated and though it was punctured it is still able to save.  Our preserver raises to tread on mighty waves and hoists us into heights if we trust and give in to His abilities.

So again, today - especially if your flotation devise has your head bobbing in the water - PAUSE - think on these things and choose a REAL life preserver - a Savior.  Just think about it.....

I am praying for us all,

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