October 10, 2011

Call For The Wailing Women

Forgive Us Father

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Artist: Candace Huffmaster


wailing women, oil


Jeremiah 9:17, 20

This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come; send for the most skillful of them.

Now, O women, hear the word of Lord; open your ears to the words of his mouth.  Teach your daughters how to wail; teach one another a lament.

In these passages I could see these women passionately pleading to and for the dead in spirit.  They knew the heartbreak of our father and were using their weeping and wailing as both a siren of warning and an outcry for mercy. 

There are periods in my life when I treat my relationship with the Lord so casually, not to mention my responsibilities as a follower of Christ.  There is a lost, weak world he is trying desperately to awaken and bring home.  Can you imagine if he decided not to be merciful and patient?  Until that final day comes, my prayer is that he will continue to strengthen his spirit in us all so that we will have the heart to hear his words, to cry out for the lost and his guidance in leading us all home.

©2005, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved



Conversation With My Dad

Journal Entry: Monday October 10, 2011

Good Morning Daddy,

I Love you so very much and I praise your holy, lovely and pure nature ~ You ARE my Dad, I have your DNA now, all of me!  I ask to be renewed into the exact representation of your image.

Because of Christ your son, who asked to marry me so that we could be united – I ask for you to Father me as your daughter.  I ask that the Spirit teach me, mold me, make me into the perfectly submissive wife that would bring Him honor and glory as well as bring you pleasure.

I know I am not a widow or an orphan – I am a bride and a daughter and your holy presence will never leave me nor forsake me.

It seems very hard to do this without you here in the flesh, yet a blessing that you are here within flesh.  I hear others speak of the ease of navigating through this life and I wonder… about many things.  You never said it would be easy, you did say we would have sweat less victory and that I know and obtain in abundance – but ease, without tribulation, without grieving for what others do not have – there is nothing of lightness in my midst where that is concerned.  I know your spirit is grieving and I care, I pray, I go, I speak all for the sake of your spirit to be allowed easement.

I had someone tell me they heard lamenting in my voice while we were conversing.  We were speaking because I was seeking clarity and discernment before entering into conversation in regard to a grievous situation in which there is wisdom and discernment that needs to be given a voice.  My perception of her tone and timing was as though she did not understand that we are to be warning, giving wisdom and indeed lamenting when the spirit is being  held out of its place of counsel.

You request for us to call for the wailing women – to teach our daughters to cry out, to knock on their doors in warning, to extend the gift of wisdom then to woe or lament over the dust that will cover them when we must walk away announcing your Kingdom is at hand.

God I pray for those you Love and the ones that Christ came to save not losing one of them.   I request that as I read this aloud, the angels take charge to fight the spirits headed in to sabotage all the good you have in store for them. And I request that the winds of your truth rip the veils so that they may see a glimpse of you this day, to hear you and not harden their hearts as they did in the past, to turn from the path that they are on – to have restoration with you and finally…This Day have rest for their souls.

These are the thoughts of my mind, the outpour of my heart and the desire of your heart.  In a mighty visible miraculous display Come Lord Jesus Come -

And your bride says Amen,

Kisses ~C

Today, write to them my story; it’s the story of a king

He Loved the people of His nation; those He held under wing

They grew from their experience, they wandered from His care

They followed those who would hurt them

Then they hid from the love the love that I share

They sit behind walls of anger boasting to drown out my call

I send many to find them, but the advocate of evil tells them lies

Too afraid to walk into vision, too weak to take the first step

They sit and take what is offered, they lye down never having sweet rest

They see the search light continue, day after hopeless day

After the darkness a new one rises, by mid morning their will to leave flails

Tell them to stop all the anger

Tell them to drop to their knees

Tell them to remember their father

Tell them to BELIEVE in their King

Tell them I’m forever faithful, whether their attempt succeeds or daily fails

Tell them I desire each of them, to be broken from the chains of defeat

Tell them I will never stop coming, no matter how many messengers they ignore

Tell them I will never have them save them, Christ alone bore their burden and shame

They are not going to harm them, but I will also not allow others to be destroyed

They must sit long enough to be humbled;they must feel helpless and need to receive love

Not the feelings that build ego, but the truth which will force the lie out

Then they will never return there, because that peace will be bound out of love

Tell them to rise up and call me

Tell them to stand till I come

Tell them to set their eyes on THIS vision

Tell them to not replace this view:

If they fill their minds with other pictures – the ones they have already seen

They will not recognize my presence; like an abstract which must come into view

I have already painted the picture; their mind simply is yet to perceive

All things have been place on the canvas

All the chapters have been written word for word

Their story already has an ending

The illustrations of their days alongside

My Spirit narrates to the listeners

The binding and the spine is Jesus Christ

I am the author and the owner

The deceiver has no copy right

Do not add to the image….

Do not withhold any word…

I reserve the Rights to My Story

As you know the whole story will be told!


I know this is my part and my portion; I will be faithful to your hearts desire

I am the bride of my master; a bond servant desiring to stay

Because of my true love toward Him, forever in Him and He in me

There is no where for me to now travel, I am Home where I will eternally BE!