September 12, 2011

We Flail, He Prevails

Good Morning Sojourner! 
As we continue to think Honestly about where we are going - reflect on what we have been studying.  Think about what you understand Kingdom, Democracy, Authority and mocking God to be.  You do not have to write it down, just think (and write if you want to).
Read the thoughts for today,which are below and then write anything that comes to your heart and mind.  I would love to hear from you about it if you wish to have someone listen to your heart.
His peace I send, please keep it =D  
We Flail, He Prevails 
I praise you Oh my Father  
Keep well my body, my soul
Our spirit forever united
Entwining all as we go
I pray for those you are seeking
To be able to hear your voice
Their hearts to quickly be softened
 Their minds to begin to change
Their actions forever altered
As their voice calls out your name
Believing, from you is their storehouse
Imparting their perfect gifts
In all ways may your kingdom be glorified
 As we learn to lean on you
Your wise ways and perfect understanding
Not that which mere man perceives
“Help us” oh dear heavenly Father
“Or your body will continue to flail!”
I see that we can do nothing
Unless your strong hand prevails
We need your mind for discerning
We’re appointed to oversee
So we will not mislead others……
” O God, made that never be!”
Bind your mercy and grace upon us
Protect us, Lord Jesus our Christ
The Sheppard not losing any
Just one, as you fought the good fight
We are His lambs and to Him precious
With peace, sent among wolves by His hand
Leading us not into temptation
But into your well laid plan
United unto our Father
 By His name we are blessed
We flow throughout the ages
Meeting them - face to face
Because your love has saved us
Your liberty paves their streets
Beseeching, “Lord, pass through us”
“Touch them where they’re deceived!”
“Show them of your reality"  
"Loose them from their dreams”
All heaven sings rejoicing:
 “Oh How He Loves Us So”
“Let’s celebrate their deliverance”
“Let’s open wide our doors”
“Let’s feast upon their presence”
“To hear of their hearts intent”
So rich in adoration
 For the grace that sought them out
Keep coming with a vengeance
For those in whom you delight
We thank God that you have risen
That you are His Righteous Son
Who walked out the way to salvation
And you rose to welcome us home!
 Candace Huffmaster©2011 All Rights Reserved