September 14, 2011

The Depths Of My Heart

All I ask today, is that you pray this fervently, and believe.  I cover us all with a love - the love, which covers a multitude of sins.....and I believe that it is done - by my faith.
With Love for each of you,

Prayer in Prose
Entry: September 14, 2011

I truly Love you so deeply, my Father
And I desperately desire to be good unto you
To know you in truth and responsive
Are the depths of my heart and soul
Teach me through Christ and your Spirit
To leave behind this worlds ways
Change all that I remember
To be all that you hold dear
Pull me close into your presence
As I make my strides mimic yours
Till all I know is your efforts
Reaching out through my limber limbs
Heal the hearts, minds- your body
Restore us to what you surely create
Nothing in anyway diminished
All things able to withstand
Be the Son you created
 Be the wealth of the world
Be the rescue and deliverance
Be your story NOW told
Speak with a voice bold and loving
Reverberate till the misaligned falls
There is No one thing greater
Than the power of the rightful risen Lord
Through Him you have pulled us together
Back into our purposeful place
 All broken, shattered pieces
Swept away to hold back no more
Loose the winds from the 4 corners
Blow in to lift up and pull us away
Turn up the fires of destruction
Bind the debris forever more
Live as the Righteous King and Father
 The only One True and Living God
Who loved us from the beginning
Who began a good work and saw it through
Forever Almighty in all ways
Our redeemer and the Lover of our souls
United through the Heart of our Savior
By the name that you gave free indeed
By believing His words we have power
By speaking these words He is alive
Receive us as we come before you
In Glory be Held on High

With A Holy Kiss
 Candace Huffmaster
For His glory and Namesake ©2011 All Rights Reserved