August 6, 2011

The Window


I am dedication this to our sister Rebecca Sloan who now abides forever in His peace and joy. I pray that we all think about her sweet face meeting us as we too go home……one fine day. I lift up each of our grieving hearts to find comfort in His secret abode.

With Love,



The Window

Me inside; the elements out

The pain of glass between

The rain pelting down

From the swift moving forms

With weight so clear to see


Desiring the wet

To singe on my face

And run down

As the tears I can’t release


The pain before me

Stops the moist drops

So I sit, I watch: no emotion is drawn


Oh, to be that glass

Feel the wind and the rain

To pass through, even to the other side


Do I dare take a chance

To open up to the storm

Or stay safe in my home element free?


The pleasure of the rain

My mind peers to pursue

The sensation beyond the singe:

The cool to sink deep

To overcome the heat

To experience some comfort at last


The breeze which moves

The clouds in, through and past

To swaddle my freshly washed flesh

To sit in and see

Feeling trapped to live life

As I watch every element drift


My moment has passed

The rain letting up

The brightness of the sun is breaking through

Too intense to look out

So I turn my eyes in,

Close them softly and think of the day

When all will be done

And my savior will come

To release all weight holding me down


My peace comes from Him

No matter the day

The time or the season I’m in

My skin He will cool

And my tears He knows well—

No longer needing this world to absorb


We all have our hurts

It’s encouragement we need…..

The strength to get through “this” day

So again, I lay low

To lift up my pain

And the pain of the others I know


Our God sees our face

And our hearts he protects

He’s our warrior, our physician, our friend

Today when you hear

Do not harden your heart

As you did, in those earlier years.


By Candace Huffmaster

©2006 All Rights Reserved