August 22, 2011

When There Is No One Else....There Is God

When they have all left, still I wait
My hurt is too deep; beyond my reach
My tears form a valley as they flow
They drip to a halt; the saltiness I taste
Their out pour seems a wadi to my soul
As my flesh starts to burn, I beg, “Rain More!”
“Squelch this sensation before it meets the pain”

My temples start to throb; the shaking ceased
In the aftermath of shock I still wait
As the new wave begins, hope rises up
Reminding me all is well with my soul
His spirit counsels as I lay self low
His sweet whispers and gentle love rush to my side
 Saying “Rest, precious soul, in my peace”
“Now your will does not falter, by Grace”
In His mercy you may arise through your faith
And In time, the pain will be remembered no more
But today, let’s just take time to weep
You may groan as my spirit with you grieves

Be wary of any ploy to pull you aside
Some may use your weakened state for their means
Do not be alarmed, simply rest in His arms
Knowing He carries you safely through each day
For at just the right time, He heard your cry
And dying once for all, He ensures peace.

Candace Huffmaster
©2011 All Rights Reserved