August 4, 2011

Purpose of KB, Inc ~ A Beautiful Unity

It is not difficult to understand what Kaleidoscope Butterfly Inc was founded to "BE".  What is difficult is for me to explain with clarity for others to be able to comprehend it's complexity.  Although it is true that this organization was given a "legal" status in 2007 as a 5031C corp.  It's true beginning and establishment started many years prior. 

Believing that our organization is truthfully more of an organism in a larger complete body is the best place to start obtaining comprehension of how we operate and live within a Common Unity of people.  Our abilities are only limited by lack of understanding both on our part and the part of those we work within, alongside etc.  We believe all things are "doable" when we put our own agendas aside to focus on the greater good to be done outside of our "self". 

Here is what we were founded on:

How to show that God is Real, Christ is Alive and His spirit is willing to help everyone who is willing to give Him the opportunity to help. 

How to show others that we believe and desire to allow Christ to live out loud entwining us within all He desires to Be.

How to be available to show up within the precious moments of His timing to be there with Him as He is there ever present helper in their time of trouble.

Although I did not understand all He was showing me - piece by piece, I trusted Him to be doing a really, really good thing.  So I prayed this prayer:

Dearest Father Hallowed be they name, I come before you seeking your words to share put your passion into pen and paper -  to open the heart of the one in need .I desire to serve you father unceasingly , infuse my mind and walk. Let me understand your purposes of each conversation and moment so that I can be most effective and learn.
I understand it is about life and death, both today or on the final day.

"As long as it is still called today do not harden your hearts as they did in the past. Seek me in times of trouble and joy so that you may have abundance. Your abundance is not for your glory and comfort but to be diligent in my mission. My mission is the work of our Father. You are to constantly intercede for those less able to encourage their growth and lead them all. I was the example and first life of salvation. You are to continue in my ways. Do not stand and watch the fire feeling helpless, get involved in their salvation. Plant your feet solid and lend a hand. Their earthly comforts will be met. That is important and a way to show them compassion, but it is only a tool for your true job which is to save them from eternal fire. I will provide the situations but you must be available to work. I will provide the skills, you must provide the trust. I will provide the salvation, you must have the faith. I gave you ears to hear them crying, eyes to seek them out, hands to reach and help them, and a heart to lead them home."  "Talk to Them!"

Knowing these things and trusting that they good things flowing down from the Father we believe these are our purposes:

1. To Open the door of faith (Acts 14:26)

2. To Equip all for service - building up the body of Christ. The common goal being to attain the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God to a mature man to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:11-14)

3. To Encourage one another and build up one another. Appreciate those who diligently labor among us and give instruction. To Esteem them very highly in love because of their work (1Thes 5:11-15)

4. To Be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry (2Tim 4:4)

We believe that we "as a unified body" are all empowered - this being our prayer:


May the God of peace who brought up from the dead the great Shepard of the sheep through the blood of the eternal covenant Jesus our lord, equip you in every good thing to do His will working in us that which is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ to whom the glory for ever, and ever amen.

We trust and have confidence in the living word of Christ Jesus when He spoke this promise to us:
John 14:14
If you ask me anything in my name I will do it.

We know that we outside of God's will, Christs body working through His spirit none of this is possible. What we do we do not do for us, we do it for Christ, His glory and His name sake.  That is ALL we have and the only good thing that will stand us for all eternity.

Our purpose is Love and each person that has ever been on the face of this earth was desired by and the Cause for this love of His.  We pray that all come to the knowledge and the saving grace of that Love - eternally.

IN Christ and He in us,