September 19, 2010

What For? Why?

I like the New American Standards translation of Genesis 2:24:

For “this reason” a man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

God had taken out Adams rib; he made Eve the support now for that weakened place. (If you missed yesterday or the discussion last week on what “rib” means look back in the archives). We brought up that God had created Eve from something within Adam that he already possessed. However, God make it spectacular and presented it to him in a complete and perfect form to help him. Now we should completely understand why they had to become one body again. It is only in this form that Adam will not have vulnerability – Can you imagine if someone tore your rib out and handed it to you? You would only be healed when the rib was put back in its place of support.

The word reason is an action word it propels motion, it gives a battle cause that demands effect. A mother or father come together to create a joined life. Separate from ALL other lives “above all else”. They are to prefer each other, refer to each other, show favor to each other. Not in neglect to the parents that brought them in to the world, but a parent cannot make us complete. They are only a vehicle to produce, sustain and hopefully nourish your life. Christ ultimately completes us – we know this, but there is a reason for a man to protect a woman, to call her into her destiny.

Look at Genesis 2:19 …….whatever the man called each creature became its name.

Man was given authority and power to call things what they were to be, to oversee “for God”, not for self. Adam started out calling Eve woman – “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” and it was good.

Husbands, boyfriends what are you calling your gift from God? Remember a curse does not come without a cause. Think about it, talk to God about it. Pray for your rib, ask to be healed and united. Speak good things upon and into your helper that God placed in your hands to prosper, protect, desire with all the capacity that He has planted within you.
With the love of Christ I request favor for all women in your site, mercy to cover our mistakes and the grace to get up and try again. I request that each man have ears that hear, eyes that see and a mind that is transformed into the image of Christ…..for your name sake Lord God Almighty. Selah

Amen, Shalom,