September 22, 2010

Ministry in Word

Standing Firm

Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.”

Exodus 14:13

Facing the Red Sea with the Egyptian military closing in on them, the Israelites complained to Moses in fear. They thought they would die there and then. They forgot totally God's promise to deliver them from their slavery and the miracles of God which forced Pharaoh to let them go. Their excitement of being free turned into fear and despair. Fear incapacitated their reasoning: why would God who was able to deliver them from their bondage not able to deliver them from perishing in the hands of their enemies? Despair muddled their positive outlook of new found freedom into hopelessness. God's answer to this predicament was for them to stand firm. They were to stand firm in their belief, trust, commitment, hope, and love.
前有红海挡路,後有埃及追兵,以色列人在害怕中向摩西埋怨。他们以为会在当时当地死亡。他们完全忘记了神从奴役中拯救出来的应许和那些使法老王释放他们的神迹。自由的兴奋变为惧怕和绝望。惧怕使他们失去他们的推理: 为什么会能从他们的奴役拯救他们的神不能从他们的敌人的手拯救他们?绝望混乱了他们新找到的自由的正面展望变成绝望。 神对这种困境的答复是要他们坚定。 他们要在他们的信仰、信任、承诺、盼望和爱上坚定。

Our Belief

Standing firm in our belief is to hold on to our understanding of God's attributes, including that He is love, righteous, compassionate, in spite of what appear to be our feeling to the contrary, because at times our feeling could mislead us. As the Israelites took 12 stones from the Jordan River to help them remember God’s act of deliverance, we ought to validate our feeling with God’s past work in our life.
坚定在我们的信仰是坚持我们对神性质的理解,包括他是爱,公义,慈悲,不管我们的感觉看来是相反,因为我们的感觉可能有时会误导我们。 就像以色列人从约旦河拿了12块石头帮助他们记住神拯救的行动,我们应该以神过去在我们的生命中的工作来确认我们的感觉。

Our Trust

The Israelites saw only the raging waves of the Red Sea before them and the Egyptian horses and chariots behind them. They lacked vision and confidence of God’s salvation for them. Standing firm in our trust is to lean on God and not on our understanding of our circumstances, to remain confident of God's goodness and His promise.
以色列人仅看见了在他们面前红海的怒浪和在他们后面埃及的马和战车。 他们缺乏神对他们救赎的异象和信心。 坚定我们的信任是倚靠神和不倚靠我们对我们的情况的理解,保持确信神的善良和他的应许。

Our Commitment

The Israelites grumbled and complained against God during their journey in the desert. They were always ready to abandon God and return to their slavery life in Egypt. Once they substitute God with a golden calf. Standing firm in our commitment to God is to remain faithful to Him in spite of hardship and challenges, never depart from Him who not only created us but also saved us.
以色列人在他们沙漠的旅途期间对神抱怨并且作反对神的投诉。 他们总是准备抛弃神和返回到他们在埃及奴隶的生活。 有一次他们以一只金牛犊替代神。 坚定我们对神的承诺是不管困难和挑战,仍保持对他守信,从不离弃他,他不仅创造我们,而且拯救我们。

Our Hope

Standing firm in our hope is to continue to expect the certain realization of things unseen. We have faith that God's promises to us will sooner or later materialize. We continue to hope in our prayers and supplications to God for us and others, and for the coming of His kingdom.
坚定我们的盼望是继续期待未看见的事的肯定实现。 我们神有信心他对我们的诺言迟早将实现。 我们继续在我们为我们和其他人,和为他国度的来临对神的祷告和祈求上盼望。

Our Love

Standing firm in our love is to nurture and grow our spiritual life in Christ, making our Christlikeness the good soil for the seed of faith, harvesting 100 times the crop. Let's first die to ourselves and reappear in our new life in Christ. Then let God multiply the spiritual fruit in us.
坚定我们的爱是养育和生长我们在基督里的属灵生命,使我们的基督样式成为信念种子的好土壤,收获百倍的庄稼。 让我们首先对我们自己死并且在我们基督新的生命中再现。 然后让神倍增在我们的属灵果子。

Then after standing firm, we keep our eyes open to watch for God's deliverance from our enemies. It is His promise to us.
然后在坚定以后,我们保持我们的眼睛睁开注意神从我们的敌人的拯救。 它是他给我们的诺言。

May we stand firm on God’s strength and watch for God’s deliverance.

Tom and Tehwan Tso

“The outcome of your faith is the salvation of your souls.” 1Peter 1:9
“信心的果效, 就是灵魂的救恩” 彼得前书1:9