June 30, 2010


Perfected in Love...See                                                                      By Candace Huffmaster
 在爱中得完美…看见                                                                             贺肯德著

                                                                                                                  Copyright 2010

Before we enter the verses on Us being created I want us to take pause and truly understand so that we might SEE:

God is a God of perfect love, order, provision and cause which leads to the appropriate effect. He set up all things with the knowledge, understanding and excellence to ensure that all the details of our lives and what we need were already set in place. He created the atmosphere in which all things we would need were sustained. He created the life giving forces to uphold us physically in all way. He secured the sustenance to multiply so that we might be well and recreate in His image.

He created Man to truly love, keep Godly order care for and provide with Godly knowledge, understanding and excellence to ensure that the atmosphere would be sustained for the multiplicity of Godly leaders. He created us to be the life giving forces to uphold things physically in all ways. His forethought has secured all sustenance and power for what He imagined to BE.


Think on these thought from one of my earlier conversations with Him. He was trying to explain some things to me so that I would see Love clearly. I titled it “See”.

I pray that today you too See what I saw and said “Man this is Good” “Thank You Dad..help me understand MORE.”

With True Love, in Christ our Savior,


A special thanks and much gratitude to Tom Tso for gift of editing and translating this work.