June 20, 2010

A Psalm to Dad

A Psalm To Dads:

A Dad makes a plan to be the best that best can be.
He knows what it takes to live in harmony and peace.
He protects his wife and children, upholding all things in faith,
That I, the creator of life, will anoint all his ways.
No one comes before this, or else his guard will drop
And then his precious family has to come to the battle front.
Some dad’s do not understand this…So I equip them all to fight
This honorable battle to secure the kingdom’s gates,
To ensure a needy traveler they will have the rest they need.
A house of the Holy, A secured and confident space.

A man was created special, a woman unique in design
A family an extraordinary decision; A responsibility that takes two.
A man must understand this concept of harmony and peace
Or the wife within his kingdom become so unlovely all must flee
The enemy goes for the heart, because there he can poison all life.
Adam left her vulnerable; Eve bore the fruit of that choice.
We all carry his failure in that blood line, it pumps from our heart through our veins
The fall of one felt by many, you see a Dad cannot be just a man
Everything about Him affects many generations and the cause / effects must be seen
Protect the heart of your life line, without a heart all is worthless in life
Through the concept of mutual conception, you dad, can have all you dreamed
Without her all those images fixed within your mind will be lost
You see she is part of your completion, without her, your dreams will never be seen

It is true without you she is just woe man, without her you will only be a man,
But together you are a family, a unit; you and I can be united and through her tied
The tie that binds us together as the Dad of the families of the KING.
This is who you are WITH her and WITHOUT her…you will never BE
So Be all that she sees in you, Because all she sees is so good.
Be what I planted in her heart for you – Her heart beats the truth inside of you

Remember the enemy is crouching…Remember he’s at her door ready to kill steal and destroy
Don’t make her fight you AND him…she can’t keep this up even through ME.
She is a woman and she’s weaker.
It is your strength through me that closes this door.

Happy Fathers Day,