June 7, 2010

Only God Can Divinely Name

There is a Story......A Story Being Told cont.

We know we are God’s children and we are coming together to truly hear what His spirit is trying to tell us.

So let’s simply imagine Him sitting beside our bedside, telling us a story, as we drift off to sleep.
I imagine the scene going something like this:

A child is reluctantly crawling into bed, as her dad is pulling up the covers. She lays her head deep into her soft pillow. He tenderly sweeps back the soft, tussled strands of hair, leans down and sweetly kisses her forehead.

She says “Daddy, I am not sleepy can you sit with me and tell me one of your stories?” To which he smiles and asks her “which one?” She says, “Tell me something new.” The dad rubs his chin, draws in a deep breath and says, “Hmmm, something new?” Well ….

Once upon a time, before you were ever born, I had an idea. I had been thinking about it, pondering it, for some time. Knowing what I was conceiving would be not simple task,I thought about each element and how it would affect the other. I had to think about the weak parts and how they would be supported in order to be all that they could be. I contrasted each movement of all entities to be sure all was in balance, then I thought about the process it would go through. I got so excited about the thought of it: what it would look like, be like and how much pleasure I would derive from being part of it, that I had to do it.

At first I simply created the heaven and the earth. It was very dark and hard to see well so I decided to go ahead and add the light. It was amazing princess! At first the darkness was so vast and consuming and when the light came I could see how beautiful everything was. I made the two to be distinct. Knowing this, I knew they needed a name in order to be distinguished. I named the light day and the darkness night. This was the creation of evening and then morning. I had created the first day…and it was such a beautiful thing.

As for you precious…you need to take advantage of this evening I created and get some rest…then in the morning we will rise refreshed.

Her eyelids heavy, her chest slowly rising and falling she drifts into sweet dreams of all that her dad created for them to enjoy.

My love to each of you, in Christ