June 26, 2010

Listen ...

Today, the winds of change are blowing.  Today, listen to all the watchmen and what they say.  Know that the Lord is Almighty.  Trust in the divinity of His hand. The destruction is counted and measure, the debris will be swept from your path.  Do not look around you at the devestation, keep your eyes set on the horizon of your path.  Today know that He loves you and His tears rain down as a summer shower.  He is your deliverance and power to make it.  He is prompt and fulfilling for your good.  Trust Him, be watchful and waiting at times you will not want to speak.  You will know from his prompting...the one in your midst for your needs.

I love you all....all is well.  Say that and believe.
With a Holy Kiss and the Heart of Christ,

Proper Prospective by the Water’s Edge
– Reflections of a still heart

Be still my child; know that I am God
Stretch out your arm and reach for my hand
I have been calling you through all time; whispering gently “your name”
Sitting beside the still waters; which calmly run through your path
Here all tension is drifting, as you grasp to hold firm my hand

Rest as deep as the waters; which have no beginning nor will they end
Twisting, turning rolling inward then flowing over and out
All time is a continuum in motion; plunging deep while running at my speed
Years folding into seconds, the sorrowful desire to turn back the hand of time
I desire to wash away their broken memories; there is a lesson to for all to learn.

To return a wave, requires an earth movement; for man this is impossible to achieve
My hand, however, has strength and power; things your mind cannot comprehend
To stop the world from turning, you must watch closely to understand.

As I think, it surely happens, because my love knows no bounds
When flowing as life giving water it quenches the driest of sand
My time is the distant shoreline; the boundary for us all
Its water the lifeless’ lifeblood; running throughout each soul
My knowledge is everlasting power, the heartbeat understands
My energy is pure motion, pumping my lives over and beyond
My spirit propels each vision, empowering good and halting bad.

Sit by my still waters; come near to contemplate life
Listen to the distant babbling, of all the years we’ve passed by
Listen to only their laughter, forget all of their pain
My joy is through the Holy Spirit and peace is in my right hand

Lengthen your own shoreline, take the pure water in
Deepen your own tide pool, this way you will understand
Dive in with a deep breath, then kick hard to reach the top
Breath in all that freshness, allow your face to burst through the wet
Emerge in me a new life form, truly cleansed now from your past,
In beauty to walk as the righteous, upright and straight ahead

Now you can see forward, when looking as you wave goodbye
So wait for proper prospective, before standing to leave them behind
Always focus your pathway, designed from my trusted lead
Follow the heavenly highway, perfectly designed to carry you home
Together we will share this journey, it’s a walk to remember and enjoy.
By Candace Huffmaster ©