June 12, 2010

Just A Day -

This day has gotten away from me girls.

I have been working on some of the things we spoke about yesterday.  There is quiet an orchestration of events going on in our midst.  The winds of change are blowing.  Stand up and out; feel the wind blow your hair and allow it to carress your cheeks.

Today, I send a poem and my love,
In Christ,

The Window

Me inside, the elements out,
The pane of glass, between.
The rain pelting down
From swift moving forms
With weight, so clear, to see.

Desire for the wet to singe my face,
and run down as tears I can’t release.

The pane before me stops
Those precious moisture drops.
So I sit, and watch, no emotion is drawn.
Oh, to be that glass,
To feel the wind and the rain,
And to pass through, even, to the other side.

Do I dare take a chance,
Open up to the storm,
Or stay safe, in my home, element-free?

The pleasure of the rain,
That sensation, beyond the singe...
The sinking, deep cool I pursue
Overcoming the heat, experiencing comfort, at last.

The breeze which moves
The clouds in, through, and past
To swaddle my freshly washed flesh.
To sit in, and see, feeling trapped, to live life,
As I watch, every element, passing by.

This moment has passed
And the rain's letting up,
The brightness, of the sun, breaking through,
Too bright to look out,
So I turn my face in,
Close my eyes, and think of the day
When all will be done
And my Savior will come
To release what's been holding me down.

My peace comes from Him
No matter the day
The time or the season I'm in.

My skin, He will cool
And my tears, He knows well,
There’s no need, or desire, to show
My pain to this world.
We all have our hurts,
It's encouragement we need,
The strength, to get through this day.
So again I lay low
To lift up my pain,

And the pain of the others I know.
Our God sees what we face

And our hearts, He protects
He’s our warrior, physician and friend.
Today, when you hear,
Do not harden, your heart,
As you did, in those earlier years
By Candace Huffmaster©