June 24, 2010

If Life Is a Dance.....

My Computer has woken up in a really bad mood today =D.  So I am not able to get to my reseach for this mornig devotion.  However, "have no fear - Poetry is Here".  After reading Tom and Tehwans devotion the day before yesterday, I was reminded of this poem.  When I was posting the poem this morning I remembered a lovely little diddy by John Michael Montgomery some years ago.  I went back to find the Lyrics to it:

Life's a dance you learn as you go
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
Don't worry about what you don't know
Life's a dance you learn as you go
Life's a dance you learn as you go
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
Don't worry about what you don't know
Life's a dance you learn as you go.

At the time in my life when this was popular, I remember thinking how sweetly encouraging it was.  However, today...many years later, I understand more which is why I love the minuet of God heart and invitation to us all.  I pray you choose to Dance....and that you Dance with God.

Don’t Dance With  Demons

I love you so deeply…..
Speak to my heart…..
Be food for my soul….
Your gentle voice encourages me, washes this world away:
Lifting the weight of debris; softening the earth of my soul.
Now use your hands to mold me; form me into your perfect fit.

Don’t tremble in my presence; my hand is that of love
The pressure is not to break you,
You asked for my will to be done.
Don’t choose to dance with the demons,
Choose to reach out and take hold of my hand
We’ll circle to the music….. your body engulfed by my lead
Your eyes will lock on my presence; now you’ll see only my face
As the music infuses the present, the rhythm will start to soothe
Together we will glide across the dance floor: in harmony, perfectly timed.
Inspiring all on-lookers; silently captivated by our bond.

When learning movements are awkward;
Challenging and difficult to move smooth
Muscles not bending or flexing,
In time, with patience skill will build
Suddenly they all will see her;
The beautiful dancer will be unveiled.
My voice is the sounds which moves her,
My tune as melodious as a bird.

We are the instruments of harmony
And the woodwinds are my words
My hand is the acclaimed conductor;
My children are the notes I direct.
Our audience is now before us,
Prepared and waiting with baited breath
The curtain is split and lifting
Rolling back in the tide of my time
So let us work within this moment,
While they are ready for their ride.

Remember my trusted instruction;
Wait patiently for my prompt
Then all things will come together;
No note will sound off or flat
Each note is a precious drop of water,
Which fills to comprise the sea.
Together they merge to form movement,
A compulsion, a bursting forth as the rise of each wave.
The cause and effect are prompted by my hand.
My skill will arouse emotion touching the anticipant crowd .
We know they have come for a reason, I intend to not let them down.
Incoming waves will stir their passion propelling their hearts to move.
Their souls will then be softened, allowing the influx of my blood to enter and flow;
Carrying the current of our life line, which returns our family held tightly within my hand.

Think of me as a farmer, one seed selected held perfectly in my palm;
My eyes seek the environment suited: perfect soil, sun with all nourishment it needs
I AM always watching to subdue, oversee and protect
I respect the fragile condition; I understand its delicate frame,
I support when gravity could break it, until there is strength to handle its new form.
My hand is more than sufficient, with patience I watches as it grows.
The plant has no need or worry; it rests in the care it receives.
Predestined for life in all ways, for I know just what it will become.
A rose will not ever grow coconuts and grass cannot become a tree.
To me, each is splendid perfection, perfect for the purpose I foresaw.
In Time it too will delight from the pleasure and know of what I now see.
Till then it sways in my majesty, so at peace to simply BE.

By Candace Huffmaster ©