June 16, 2010

God Has Lost Nothing.

Have you EVER thought about that?

Today I was thinking about being a “Founder”. There are times, many times, when people ask me about “my business”, to which I am quick to say “I do not own a business". "I work for a public charity”. What I did do was “make a decision”. I decided to follow the One that “Founded” ALL things. I decided to give Him the position of “Founder” of ALL things. I decided to “Find Out” what He needed to be done through my efforts.

I simply “discovered” which is not really so awesomely unique. It is what All of us are supposed to be striving to do. I believe we are ONE body in Christ. I believe that He is our head. I believe that if we are his body that ALL our best and lacking efforts are wielded perfectly... because of who HE is. Which does correlate to us being the head and NOT the tail. I pray for those that do not yet understand. I know there is a day when they will. I pray that each moment of every day, God is helping me grow into the maturity of my image; which IS the image we all comprise to uniquely present His IMAGE….The perfect body of Christ.

Whoever you are, where ever you are….know my prayers are covering you ……right where you are…not where you THINK you SHOULD be, but right here…right now. At this moment in time, Let God be God. He has not lost you. His heart and mind were on you before your time had space. His eyes and hand have been watchfully protecting you as you try your best to make it through each day. His love and promises he wrote down for you to be aware, that before you ever knew Him, He had provided your way. He knows the pain, toil and length of all that is on your path. He has set a plan in motion for the moments of battle that lie ahead. He has been calling and patiently waiting for your heart and ears to receive, all the best of the blessings He has reserved with your name in its proper place.

Do not listen to what others call you – your father gave you a name. He is the one that defends you; He knows your rightful place. Do not listen to their mocking; it is His ears receiving their words. Cover all people as you are leaving so they too can endure their days. Run toward your Maker…tell Him you found out the truth. His son was born of Mary, she too decided to listen and believe. She gave birth to our risen redeemer, Jesus the Christ and God’s seed. He lived, loved and shared of His Father – The Almighty and Loving “I AM”. He walked and he spoke with true wisdom, He showed us the power of all things, He told us the helper would be coming, He died, witness, declared what was to be. He now has resurrected our life line; He has secured what can never be destroyed. He is …right now in this moment…in heaven reigning as our King. He is loving and covering….your heart, thoughts and purpose within this plan. He knows you might not feel able….this too God provided in advance.

Today, hear him calling and wooing; sending a serenade from his very throne room. He is calling and saying where are you? I love you and miss you my dear. Please stop; even if for just this moment. I simply want you to know, I care and created you perfect…..perfect in every way. Please do not run so quickly….you might fall and get hurt due to fear. Fear is not why I created you; I desire to protect you from all that might harm. I am your strength and your courage, your vindicator and the lover of your soul. Before you run off let me touch you…your sweet face brings me much joy. Don’t cry this won’t last forever, if you listen…I can show you the way. I will leave the light shining just keep looking I am faithful and true.

I pray you heard what He was speaking, that you hope with everything that you are in Him. I speak because someone must tell you…..He is ALL you will EVER truly need. He knows your deepest desires and longings. He set them in you so that you could live, love and share to the HIGHEST degrees. Be still and Let there be light upon you, within all the darkest of your days. He separated you from the darkness. He set a firm foundation for your feet to stand. He said the light was a “good thing” He said you were created to be cherished and loved. He has something to share with you. It is about what is within you that was planted to share here. He has been so very patient; will you wait to hear what He says?

Christ protected us all before He ascension, now the Holy Spirit has been released, our job is simple….to ”Follow our Founders" universal business plan”.

This is our “how to do, what we are to do: 1 John 5: 14-15 “We are confident that God listens to us if we ask for anything that has his approval. We know that he listens to our requests. So we know that we already have what we ask him for.

In Christ,