May 14, 2010

What is In-between?

In thinking about shifting shadows, I went back into some of my older journals and found a questions I had asked God to help me understand.  This is a great time to ask you a simple question.  When you ask God a question do you expect an answer?  Do you expect it immediately?  I hope I am not out here alone when I share my anwers to these.  When I was a child, I did not know to ask Him anything.  I knew He was God and that our family believed in Him and that Christ was our savior.  I never even questioned that - it was not an option.  Not that I ever desired one, I simply believed and liked the safety that I felt in knowing that.  As I got older, I did have questions.  I knew that our Sunday school teachers and ministers would take the time to answer them.  I also had my bible which I could discover how God thought as well as what He instructed.  When I was in my twenties I actually started talking to God, telling him my thoughts, desires and shattered hope (mostly the shattered stuff).  I would tell Him of my confussion and tell Him what I wanted to be different...but did I really expect Him to answer?  Honestly I do not know.  He was more of an ominous journal I think.  With that being said I hope He has those journals locked in the vault since all our words are recorded for eternity.  Surely there is a confidentiality clause!  Anyway, back to topic -

This was a process through the years of relating to God.  People do not become best friends over night.  We take steps, share things, learn to trust ...or not.  God has nothing but time, and whether or not we know it, He is in control of the time we have here.  He promised not to cut it short.  He desires for us to have a fully mature relationship with Him.  He has GREAT boundaries that are for our growth.  So with that I will tell you what I wrote years ago.  I did not understand it then, He has taken about 3 years to get me to this point of understanding; which of course is only part of it.

"There is but light and dark, we are the movement inbetween"

Defined, in-between means, lying between two extremes in time or space or state; an intermediate.

Think about all the scriptures speaking of light and dark.  God saw light was good.  God seperated light from darkness. We are under the heavenly lights, we move within the light and dark.   He brings light into darkness.  How dark is that darkness?  Darkness will overwhelm me, and the light will be my night. The one forming light and creating darkness. 

These are only a few.  So where are we in the light and darkness?  Another verse to throw into this mix is Hebrews 9:5 (KJ) "And over it the cherubims of glory shadowing the mercyseat; of which we cannot now speak particularly."

In this passage they were not going to go there..but we are.  Take the time to look up some of these points, sit with God - whether you think He will answer of not - and ponder some of these things.  I pray you go for the "Ask".  I belive you will hear His voice resonate deep within the midst of your soul.  That is where the gift was placed...the gift of truth, counsel, wisdom; this is the Holiest of Holiess where His spirit calls Home.

With Love and Light in Christ,