May 18, 2010

Welcome...We are Very Glad to be With You.

Last night was amazing to me. God woos me along this journey in such mighty ways. I appreciate each of you. This morning I was starting my day as much like every other morning of what I have come to understand as “my life”, opening myself up to discuss yesterdays and seek God’s direction.

To My Fellow Sojourner,

As I sit here looking back at where I started, not so much the very beginning but the day I first looked at myself in that rear view mirror, trying so desperately to see my way clearly. I’ve walked across the miles: seen the smiles, the turned backs, the arms that would not embrace as well as the ones that opened wide telling me to trust them and give as they themselves were hiding behind a facade. I’ve felt and remembered the pain; pain I had never imagined and bondage no one can escape on their own.
I have read many travelers’ experiences and opinions on “how to” however the same thread runs through each of our tales. Today is only a point in time and all time has been closed. It is now about fulfillment of the days.

Everyone’s journey is as unique as they are. No one can tell you “how to” journey your path except the creator of your path. Many times we are looking to the creature, instead of the creator. The creature is to aid, not to answer. As I heard Him whisper one day, “the answer is the sojourning, the question an endless plight; be still and know that I am God and I love you, deeply, honestly, passionately so that you will know freedom and can love freely just as I would …..for me; always… in all ways.

These are precious moments I’ve lived, the good, the bad, and the ugly, (Clint Eastwood days), some turbulent times, some peaceful times and some exuberant times. I am not a writer as I have previously said; I am just another sojourner on a quest. I am putting all this out here, because He asks us to be real and to share. I know He will find the success He desires to reach whoever wants to know Him. If it is only one person, I am happy to know He has reached you, and that we share this experience together throughout eternity.

Whoever you are talk, sing, share and love… not because you’re perfect at it but because you can—for Him.

With love and kisses,

Today, I praise Him, I give Him thanks. There are just around 100 of us now. This does not include the wonderful people involved in the intercessory area, between 15 and 20. There are now individuals set to train as well as be trained for outreach. Some days it is very overwhelming for me to grasp the ways God has propelled and orchestrated his love for each of us to know He is Real.

This is what He wants us to understand:

My arm is what reaches through the chaos to show them the truly beautiful pathways to life. When they stand at the wayside and wait, I WILL be there, I AM always there, they simply lean on their own understanding (knowledge, sight, emotions and theories) to struggle their way along. I know not to lead them onto that path, the evil is waiting, crouching around every corner to head them back to his pit. I want them to be in peace so that they will change their mind and get away from what is waging war with fullness of life. I AM.. tell them that. I AM here, I AM an ever ready help in their time of trouble. All they have to do is believe it. I Will do the rest. I Will supply the vision, I Will supply the strength, I Will cover them with My Glory and They Will succeed.

I pray that the sacrifices that are made are glorifying to Him. This is what He has desired a relationship, a body to call His own. this is a fragrant aroma in His sight.
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Enjoy THIS day that the Lord "has made" - Just as He has Made YOU....and He calls you "beautiful".

What could be MORE beautiful than that?