May 15, 2010

Do We Even Like Knock-Off's?

Today I am adding another verse as well as some definitions.  Stick with me, I know this will seem random as we add to the puzzle we are working here. 

Hebrews 4: 9 Therefore let us be diligent to enter that rest, so that no one will fall, through following the same example of disobedience.

We stopped yesterday with Hebrews 9:5 using GWT this verse states: Above the arc were angels of glory with their wings overshadowing the throne of mercy.  Cherubium are "angels of glory"

Hebrews 4:7 spoke of God setting another "day" and it being "today" - Day is derived from a Greek work Hemero meaning the interval between sunrise and sunset, as distinguished from and contrasted with the night.
Today is derived from the Greek word semeron meaning this day, or what has happened today.

Now to connect some other things we know about spiritual light and darkness: God tells us all things are common to man.  He asks us what does light hav in common with darkness. In 2 Cor. 6:14 He tell us not to be bound together with unbelievers- for what fellowship has light with darkness. In 11:14 He speaks of Satan disguising himself as an angel of light.  Other verses on light refer to us being darkness but are now light as well as light consisiting of goodness, righteousness and truth.  He tells us "all things being visible when exposed by light", also that we are being called out of darkness into glorious light.

We obviously cannot cover all this today.  God plants seeds.  Althought they are metaphorical when planted they become visable within our creative capacities.  They eventually become real...mighty miracles which bring glory to Christ, which glorifies our God.

So lets revisit being in-between.  Yesterday we were pondering being the movement in-between and we defined what the word means.  Today we discovered that Hemero or day means in-between sunrise and sunset, as distinguished from and contrasted with the night. We know we are to be following Christ, therefor  Him being bright light when it falls over us it would cast a perfect shadow.  When we are under him our shadow will not fade.  What happens when the sun starts to set to shadows?  They diminish don't they?  Sometimes do you think it is possible we are following what we think is the Son, however there doesn't seem to be much light? 

This is where our new verse drops in so perfectly!  If the son we are following is a knock-off we will fall...there will be no light and no one to help us.  He is an example of disobedience - He and those around him do not care about us.  They care about "self".

I pray that the eyes of your hear are enlightened, and that you hear what the spirit of God is telling you this day.  I pray that when you are down there is One to help you up.  I pray that you feel the love He offers in the many that love Him and strive to wrap you in their care "today".

Kisses in Christ,