May 27, 2010

......And the Question Will Flee!

As I took my own advice yesterday journaling some of my questions, this is what He said to me. 
"My hands hold the answers to your questions in all. In all ways trust Me…..the questions will flee."

I know this is what "the sojourn is the answer; the question and endless plight" means.  Speaking of meanings we are moving on with "The Story Being Told" today.  Verse three of Genesis 1 states "Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.

God where we are parking our cars today.  We are going to get out at this overlook and SEE the sights before us. Let me open the door for you....

God Said is EVERYTHING.  It provides in all ways.  This is all we ever need to know.  Therein lies the question.  It poses "itself" mighty and strong, in its self righteous stance.  It is taunting, as it asks the question......."do you even need to get out and look"?     Let me assure you that as this taunting shadow of darkness is standing over you, God is hovering over -  covering (which is why until we make the choice Satan is "crouching" at our doors.)      God is wooing us with his Love  simply asking ..."Do you?" "Do you feel propelled to get out and look or do you see a  wall or vast darkness where I see all the beauty of the mountains, valley's and horizon?"  

So today, I am opening this door. I am sitting here with you.  We are talking a bit before we broach the answer.  Remember there is a time to not speak as well.  Just because someone poses a question do not always feel propelled to justify it.  Think of  the times Christ just stood holding His words.  For now... let's just ponder some things.

The question posed "itself" Do you believe "God"?
Do you believe IN him, Of him, About him.? For you teachers out there - God is the great Preposition and we are the object (of His desire)
If we do not believe "God" then what ever He said is a mute point.
However, I am not going to let you off the hook that easily.
I am going to tell you what Said means in Hebrew.  This my friends IS the sojourn and why all questions are an endless plight.

"Amar" has a much more complete definition than simply "said".  It has forms such as to say, speak or utter.  However it also means to answer or to say in one's heart.  It compiles the essence of to think, promise, command as well as intend.  It means "to be told", to be said, to be called as well as to boast and to act proudly. It also means to avow. In case you are not sure what that means - It means to acknowledge openly, boldly, and unashamedly; confess as in guilt. There is a second meaning of stating positively. This is a derivative from the word advocate. Avouch means to declare the provable truth or validity of; affirm:

We will pick up here tomorrow..

Today I pray that we think of him as the Great Preposition and ourselves as the object of His desire: that  we see His face and  like a whimsical butterfly we fly to Him, around Him;  that we will be with Him and glean from His wisdom, counsel, patience, peace, joy and love; that we flutter out from His presence with a changed mind, whole, complete, restored, liberated and free and yet that we not seperate our self from His position or fly from His view.

With Love in Christ,