April 20, 2010

Will We Rise to the Occasion?

Just for the record, it goes without saying that Oswald Chambers challenges me to judge myself. There is no doubt that Mr. Chambers, like David, is a man after God's heart, who will do all His will. I know I am not alone in what I am about to say, due to conversations I have had with other servants of God. So I share with humility in hopes of allowing others to discern, open up their hearts and encourage others as well.

There are times when God is stretching me to take the hard steps of giving sacrificially. I am not speaking of finances, which are not a challenge for me. I am speaking of energy, patience, perseverance and strength. The casting aside of giving in to being human and having limitations is a sacrifice. I now realize that the times I have to reach beyond what I can do to be His presence when I might not desire to is the point that He is trying to increase me...or more accurately, to increase HIM.

I pray that we acknowledge that when we come to this point we see the truth. The truth is that when we do not have enough of something to get the job done, we are to use that as an offering of sacrifice. We know that when we give a tithe God uses it to multiply and care for many. In Malachi 3:10 God says to test Him in this and we will see that He is God and He does not change, His will always provides and comes to pass.

I believe this to be true, I believe God is faithful and that Christ has risen for our redemption...indeed!


My Utmost for His Highest
By Oswald Chambers

All the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen . . . —2 Corinthians 1:20

Jesus’ parable of the talents recorded in Matthew 25:14-30 was a warning that it is possible for us to misjudge our capacities. This parable has nothing to do with natural gifts and abilities, but relates to the gift of the Holy Spirit as He was first given at Pentecost. We must never measure our spiritual capacity on the basis of our education or our intellect; our capacity in spiritual things is measured on the basis of the promises of God. If we get less than God wants us to have, we will falsely accuse Him as the servant falsely accused his master when he said, “You expect more of me than you gave me the power to do. You demand too much of me, and I cannot stand true to you here where you have placed me.” When it is a question of God’s Almighty Spirit, never say, “I can’t.” Never allow the limitation of your own natural ability to enter into the matter. If we have received the Holy Spirit, God expects the work of the Holy Spirit to be exhibited in us.

The servant justified himself, while condemning his lord on every point, as if to say, “Your demand on me is way out of proportion to what you gave to me.” Have we been falsely accusing God by daring to worry after He has said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”? (Matthew 6:33 ). Worrying means exactly what this servant implied— “I know your intent is to leave me unprotected and vulnerable.” A person who is lazy in the natural realm is always critical, saying, “I haven’t had a decent chance,” and someone who is lazy in the spiritual realm is critical of God. Lazy people always strike out at others in an independent way.

Never forget that our capacity and capability in spiritual matters is measured by, and based on, the promises of God. Is God able to fulfill His promises? Our answer depends on whether or not we have received the Holy Spirit.