April 27, 2010

Faith is as the Wind...We Only See It As It Passes

Today we are revisiting one of our past conversations on view points.  I have copied it below so you do not have to search the archives.  In addition we are adding in Hebrews Chapter 11 where we have been discussing "By Faith".

Hebrews 11:3 (GWT) ...........this means what can be seen was made by something that could not be seen.

Our faith  is what cannot be seen.  We keep walking, we endure, we stand, we fight the good fight till we reach what God promises.  Through all this we gain the pieces to add to the view, this is called experience, strength, stamina.  Again, these gains are not able to be seen, only the growth of each of them displayed by us. 

I pray that we all are seen as the one's that do not live by sight....but by faith.  I believe that God is preparing a body to relate to for eternity and I pray that we are all together bound in His love for ever.

With the love of our Christ,

Today I was thinking about our views on things. Conversations with others; what is our view point? Planning our ambitions for the future; what is our view point? View points are actual “things” they are not simply thoughts. They move us down a physical path, interacting with physical things - people, places, and all the tangible objects within.

There are many paths to branch off from with this topic. For now let me park on this thought; If we never take the time to look from all angles, our view point is only one dimensional.

Now think of the view point we are supposed to have; an omnipresent view, through the vision of our creator. We are to look from all directions; both physically and mentally as He does. He knows the beginning and the end at the same time. We can follow that by utilizing history (the beginning) and his promise of what is to come (the end). We have our memories as well as trusted experience of many wise people.

If we take the time to walk around the object we are viewing; whether metaphorical or physical, ask for God to give us his eye sight and power to perceive, and patiently use our mind and heart to reflect we will certainly have a full view from all prospective positions.

With that in mind what do you see? How do you perceive it? Is it a real or false image? Use the powers entrusted to you as a child of God to cast down false imagination and See what is really before you as well as what is down your road. He promises to tell us EVERYTHING in advance. I trust him…..what about you?

Building the Image

What do we see?

Write down the description only to the point it is clear to you.
Does it have any defining characteristics?

Do you notice any specific actions, conversations etc?

This is nothing more than putting your thoughts on paper, trying to be realistic.  If you see nothing, put down I see nothing...really quiet simple when we don't overthing it =D

These are verses that apply to us all, within them he speaks to us individually. The unique answers will come from your relationship with God through Christ.

We are made in the image of God, we are made like them.

We see that all God said is possible and He himself would manifest it.

We only see in part, but we will see all clearly. God gave us the Holy Spirit so that no thing is hidden and all things are brought into the light for us to clearly understand.

We are to only speak what the Father words, we are to speak the Truth in Love. We are to warn of harm, give wisdom to those seeking it, and to passionately cry out in grief or despair to God when they choose not to be obedient to God.

We are to follow Christ acting in accordance with his actions. Taking whatever action God tells us to for each unique situation.

We are available for Christ to live in us to reach whoever He chooses, whenever He dictates.

Each of us were made to function the same and yet so incredibly uniquely in our commonality. We must seek how we are different from everyone else. Therein is what He designed you to do…better than anyone else – while working together with a heart of gratitude for the other unique people He designed to be part of His body.

Let’s encourage each other, embrace each other, lift up each other….then we will be One Strong Body….made in His Image.

Imagine That!