January 14, 2010

I CAN do all things....but what if I don't want to?

Mason gave me his reading this morning and suggested that I pass it on, He was inspired by it and wanted to share it with everyone in hopes we too would glean from TD Jakes. It is from Strength for Every Moment.

I Can Do All Things

I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me (Philippians 4:13)

Deception is a trap and stronghold that ensnares many, especially those who are not content with their present state in life. The bible instructs us to learn to be content in whatever state we find ourselves. The apostle Paul learned that lesson well......"for I have learned in whatever state I am, therewith to be content (KJV Phil 4:11)

This is not to imply that we should be satisfied with being bound by the devil or be content with complacency and mediocrity, thus not fulfilling the call of God on our lives. Not at all. We are to work to improve ourselves while at the same time remaining totally dependent on God.

Called By God

I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: ’Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?’ Then I said, ’Here am I! Send me’ —Isaiah 6:8

God did not direct His call to Isaiah— Isaiah overheard God saying, ". . . who will go for Us?" The call of God is not just for a select few but for everyone. Whether I hear God’s call or not depends on the condition of my ears, and exactly what I hear depends upon my spiritual attitude. "Many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14). That is, few prove that they are the chosen ones. The chosen ones are those who have come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and have had their spiritual condition changed and their ears opened. Then they hear "the voice of the Lord" continually asking, ". . . who will go for Us?" However, God doesn’t single out someone and say, "Now, you go." He did not force His will on Isaiah. Isaiah was in the presence of God, and he overheard the call. His response, performed in complete freedom, could only be to say, "Here am I! Send me."

Remove the thought from your mind of expecting God to come to force you or to plead with you. When our Lord called His disciples, He did it without irresistible pressure from the outside. The quiet, yet passionate, insistence of His "Follow Me" was spoken to men whose every sense was receptive (Matthew 4:19). If we will allow the Holy Spirit to bring us face to face with God, we too will hear what Isaiah heard-"the voice of the Lord." In perfect freedom we too will say, "Here am I! Send me." - By Oswald Chamber

----I do not think it was any coincidence that God put these two voices together to speak this subject into our lives. They both were addressing God calling us to do His will. He created us, He has a plan for what He created. I hope the poem below help us reflect on this subject and see ourselves through His eyes, with His heart.
I pray that we wait patiently for God to prepare us and the path. I pray we remember it is His HIGH calling. we simply participate as He needs.

In Christ name, with love,


Connective Cog

We are but a part, a connective cog,
Positive energy or broken and exposed.
Our eyes connect, though infused by our hearts,
With goodness to help or darkness shall fall.

To look in the face of those who we meet,
The circular pathways stare back in our face.

Each person, a universe…we all exist in our own,
Created no different than the world that we know.
Who rules the planet? Your pathways meet…
The rotation and pull…does it collide or make way?
Is there lift off or desolation? Could anything exist?

One God and one vision, there’s no room for more,
Our Creator, divine, who cannot be improved.
We take our blessings then think we know more
Move out of His energy, our natural pull
Negative energy, like opposite poles,
Has to connect with the positive to realign,
Ending the force which repels, and throws down,

The universe you travel, but do you realize your path?
Is it synergy in motion or out of control?

God in His provision, made perfect your path.
Study and ask Him, He will positively pull
Your desire to travel in His universe alone.

By Candace Huffmaster ©